Monday, April 28, 2014

Gone Sailing

Tonight sailing season begins - well at least for me and can't wait to go out on the water and enjoy the salty air :o)

Sunday, April 27, 2014


I am tired and looking back on a long weekend with yarn bombing and a lot of inspiring knitters - I feel like knitting something crazy, but at the same time my mind is simply overloaded with impressions.

Something bright and yellow now catches the attention on passers-by on a Copenhagen street :o)

What do I eye up in that window - it seems familiar

OK, they had challenged me to do something about that window, that had a mesh in front of the glass .... there was however a big "but...." It was high up and that mesh required a curved needled, that I have never tried using before. Question: How do I create the image without climbing the ladder and using the required needle? 

Since the event was about creating something from knitted patches it became obvious to me, that each embroidered stitch should be replaced by a mini knittet patch. Result: 112 patches, that need to be sewn together.

So here he is, looking a little lonely up there, but able to eye the other colorful creations from his spot.

Boring dumpster shed in front of the local library with what a passers-by called "a sweater" )the colors had immediately caught her attention). The piece to the left was installed yesterday, and today it was secured with some extra wires as a remark on the internet said "I need a nice baby rug"......

Piecing it together like a puzzle

Happy face piece created by Fiber Poems - the creator actually had a bigger smile than her piece of work at the end of the day. She had been one of the organizers behind this yarn bombing event. The local community has said that it will remain until September 1st, unless it gets vandalized or stolen..... until then people can enjoy the sighs of these colorful works.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beautiful Beer

Now some of you might say: "How can beer be beautiful?" Honestly, have you not once in a while been tempted to buy a product due to the nice appearance of the product and or wrapping of same?

I was shopping for a couple of beers - drink beer once in a while when hanging out with friends (I actually prefer beer over red wine) - when this springlike appearance caught my attention. Always like to taste new beer, so these from the micro brewery Fuglsang (English: Birdsong - really :o) ) just had to go into my shopping basket and later pose for the camera.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

March 2014 Tea Swap - Part 2

Happy Easter everybody

Locally we are having a lovely long weekend - in fact Thursday-Monday - and it has so far been crafting time for me as preparing my some of contribution to next weekend :o)

Earlier this week I received the tea swap from Brenda

This elegant card reminds me of the increasing bird chatter in the morning just around sunrise - since we are having days off, I think I will venture out to a nearby park, equipped with a cup of tea and a book. She included samples of Strawberry & Peach flavored black tea from IMPRA and Lemon Chamomile from Hawaiian Natural Tea.

Brenda included a bookmark in the swap - awesome as I always tend to loose bookmarks or use them to mark a passage in a book, that I find interesting - and wonder how many lost bookmarks she has encountered in the library where she works?

Thanks for being my swap partner.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

March 2014 Tea Swap - Part 1

Taking a chance here, as Brenda has not yet acknowledged receipt of the March Tea Swap - but do not think she read blogs much (well she has not gotten her own) and is afraid of forgetting to share this creation, as have soo many things on my mind right now - creative, work and life in general - most of them goods but just amazing how everything seem to happen at the same time.

Fran challenged us this month with green geometric so eyed an opportunity to let the design papers' pattern (from Panduro Hobby, Søstrene Greene and plain old gift wrapping paper) play a role and decorated with a teapot (die from Joy! Crafts)

Jardin Bleau flaored black tea and African rooibosh tea went into this tea bag holder (well have used the holder idea for many purposes now) - not "heavy" teas as the temperatures has become somewhat better lately and the daylight has increased a lot hence my current choice of tea changing to the lighter versions.

Hope Brenda enjoys the tea and the creations it came with :o)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yarn Bombing a Library

My own photo of the yellow PacMan ghost
Imagine my surprise when I saw two photos of the yarn bombed dust/garbage bin, that I decorated last year on International Yarn Bomb Day, on the internet last week. There is going to be a 48hour event here in Copenhagen in end of April, where the front of a local library will be yarn bombed, so my yellow PacMan ghost is on their facebook page and the photo is included in a mini-exhibit at the library as an eye opener for the upcoming event. The final result of the event should be visible for people to see when passing the library until September 1st.

The organizer's challenged me, so I am going to participate in the event - it has already stolen some time as the embroidery needle and knitting needles have already attached the yarn stash in my apartment. Head immediately popped with ideas, so this is going to be lots of fun

Copenhagen, Denmark
The same day, that I discovered the yarn bombing event, I spotted this yarn bombed bicycle in my neighborhood ... and following photos, I have caught with my camera the last few years.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Køge, Denmark

Køge, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Swedish group Stickkontakt's "It aint over il the fat lady knits"

So stay tuned - I will revert with more news and photos when the library has been decorated - and maybe some sneak peaks of my contributions :o)