Sunday, October 18, 2009

More hot beverages please......

It is cold outside, and I have struggled with a cold the past 4 days - grrrr!! That time of the year - the body reacts stronger to weather changes since I was diagnosed with the MS.

But looking on the bright side of it - it is the season where hot beverages becomes "in" again - I have 10-15 different types of tea at home......

...and then there is Whittard's Mulled Wine - I rediscovered it last month in London and instantly bought 3 canisters, one of them already gone. In Canada I discovered Mulled Cranberry - only bought 1 canister which I regretted afterwards.

When I travel, I always look for tea - in this case instant tea drinks for the variety. The mind wanders back to the vacation, when one of these foreign teas is selected.

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