Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall......

One day the magazines tell you, that the mirror adds 5 pounds to your actual weight - the next they'll tell you that the mirrors show a prettier view than the actual view......

Hmmm.... regarding the latter - is that why a lot of people freak out when they see photographs of themselves??!! Well I hate pictures, where the photographer asks me to smile etc. I much rather have pictures that were taken without me knowing it... And that's why I take pictures when people expect it the least - and they are usually happy about the result...

Back to the mirrors:

A lot of people are uncomfortable when they see Magritte's painting - but that might be because he is provoking the viewers thoughts. Including me - but I recently discovered that my mood actually have a great influence on how I perceive a picture, painting etc.... And now I love it: when I am in a bad mood I see the back in the mirror - when I am in a good mood I actually think that I can see that man's face in the mirror....

But is the perception of a mirror influenced by the evil queens mirror in "Snow White"? Or more recently The Mirror of Eridsed from Harry Potter (the mirror that shows the deepest desires of the person looking into the mirror)?

You watch yourself getting older in the mirror - but then remember this: if you have seen old mirrors (at the old castles in ex. Europe), you would know that even mirrors fade with age.

Yep - two mirrors are hanging in my appartment... one of them is for decoration mostly..... the other one is used daily - especially just before I leave for my job in the morning :o) So does it adds or substract weight? Seriously - I believe that it takes you a while to see weight gain or loss in the mirror, because I see the reflection in the mirror everyday and changes like weight are gradually - not over night....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Ain't A Fit Night Out For Man Nor Beast

If you know who said those words, chances are that you have seen the old black-n-white movie "A Fatal Glass of Beer" with WC Fields..... The only thing, that I can remember from this movie is, that every time that WC Field's character says those words, a spay of snow hits his head....

Those words have been playing around in my head this week, since we have had two snowstorms this week already and the weather forecast for the next week: no particular changes - compared to the previous four or five winters this is COLD - the other winters has been slightly over the freezing point, but since the beginning of December heavy/warm clothing has been necessary when going outside..Brrrr!!

But I actually like the snow - just walking in new snow is great (the sound every steps make is cosy) - and the landscape seems to be black and white - without any colors, as if the houses color suddenly fades temporarily. Watching couples building a snow man makes me smile - some friends asked me, if I was not a tiny bit envious on the couples, but that could be replied with a big "NO!" as the couples are sharing their "snow-moment" with eachother while being creative :o)

A lot of people gets stressed since they are forced to slow down. Hey it's no different for your neighbour: He/she has to slow down too!! But eventhough we have experienced several snow storms this winter already, people act if this is their first encounter with snow - hence a lot of trafic accidents etc..

This week the snow situation has been a bit hard on me - but that's simply due to the fact, that I had my monthly MS treatment earlier this week, thus reducing some of my normal strength.. But it's slowly coming back - I "just" have to be patient....

Stay warm, and hope you enjoy the snow (if you have any)......

Today's pic is from a trip to Montreal, Canada.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Horoscopes.....Are they for real?

I can't decide: Do I believe that they are for real? Or just Humbug?

I am an Aquarius - and if you read the general description of the Aquarius most of it actually fits me. But then there are the horoscope, printed in almost every printed magazine that you can lay your hand on.... Are they for real? Or is it just coincidense if they fit?

What hit me the most, was when a friend of mine got the courage to show me a magazine clipping that she had saved in her purse ".... On the 29th on of your friends will need you more than ever to get through a very rough time" - I just looked at her looking like one big question mark. So? Then the asked me to look at the date on the clipping..... Ok then I got really freaked.....

29th of July = the date, when I was diagnosed with MS at the hospital - at that time sitting in a wheelchair.... thanks to my frinds I fought the MS and trained my way back to normal living.... ok maybe not normal, but as close as I can get.

For me reading horoscopes is a bad thing, since my mind starts working out scenarious about what I just read - god and bad... if the bad ones occur - then I am spiralling downwards. So I actually only read old horoscopes to figure out if they actually came close to the truth... and they hardly ever do...

Howcome the general description is accurate, when the dailies often fail to have any substance???

Found this picture from the horoscope section of a magazine, and I can somehow relate to this girl.... :o)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just like me....??!!

The other day a blog lead me to The Dreamy Giraffe's website - and I immediately fell in love with this picture - and yes I just purchased it :o) Can't wait for it to arrive.

I showed it yesterday to one of my best friends, and she immediately said "Wow that could be you" - as in I can pack a suitcase in a jiffy and just be on my way.

Sleeping in hotel rooms - no problem - this fact still surprises me: until I was about 20 years old, I could never fall asleep the first night in a new place. Now - I can hardly ever remember that my head hit the pillow before falling asleep.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to airplane

Travelling by airplane - sounds simle doesn't it? Well you will surprised about how many people that absolutely forget/neglect/ignore common behaviour when surrounded by other people while travelling. So here goes:

On-line check-in:

Most airlines allow you to check-in online . where you have the option to select your preferred seat (window, isle or just next to a travel companion) - print your boarding pass and with some airlines pay for your bags to be checked-in at the airport. Some companies allows to to check in one for free (discount airlines often charge you for this) and most compenies charges for the second bag - in some cases there is a discount if you pay online for the bags to be checked-in.

Self-check-in counters at the airport:

If you have no acces to do it online - a large number of airlines have self-check-in counters at the airport. Some airlines will enable you to print out the bag tags/identification at this point and you yourself are to attach it properly to the bag. DON'T FORGET TO TAKE THE MINI TAG!!! This is your proof of checked-in bags and you will need it if your bag gets lost.

These counters are available in multiple languages and will take you step by step through the whole process. A lot of elderly people are afraid of these modern gizmos - offer to get them a helping hand, it will actually also shorten your waiting time to access the counter.

This I experienced at a German airport: the couple about to check-in via a self-check-in counter were desperate: "It's only in German - and I can't find an American flag on the touch screen" - I couldn't help it: I laughed with tears just running down my cheeks. The husband gave me an angry look and yelled at me "Maybe you are German, but I can't read your stupid launguage!!" - "Listen Mr. I am not German either - but I do understand their language - and I am perfectly able to recognize the following flags: the Tricolore, the Union Jack and several others. May I suggest that you select the Union Jack?!" Now his wife was laughing too and touched the Union Jack - he was starring in disbelief at the screen which suddenly approached him in ... well English.

Drop-off counters:

Check if you are to print out the tags yourself at a self-check-in counter before approching the counter - signs will tell you if it is possible. One carry-on bag means "ONE CARRY-ON BAG"- don't hide it for the person at the counter, because you might get into trouble later on.

Do have your passport or id-card ready - if you have your boarding card already, this is to be shown as well. Frequent flyer card - show this to make sure that your frequent flyer number is correctly noted. Other people are waiting in line behind you, and you should have had the time to finde those items already when reaching the counter.

Security Check-In:

This is actually going to happen at all security check-in's: take out the laptop from your bag. Put your purse/wallet, mobile phone, keys, coins etc into your bag along with your belt, if your are using one. Coat, jacket etc... goes of and into the scanner - and in most cases liquid items: only in small amounts and in a small  sea-through plastic bag.... No filled coca cola or water bottles beyond this point!!!

At this point some security check-points may deny you access to the waiting area, if you are carrying more than one carry-on - you will have to check the additional bag(s)/item(s) in before being allowed beyond this point.

Here's a hint: in a lot of stores (Wallgrens, Boots, DuaneReade, Matas...and the list goes on) you are able to buy a see-through toilet bags in the approved size - and they often sell miniature bottles of your favourite shampoo, tooth paste etc. - how often will you actually spend more of the liquid stuff than what can be in the mini.size bottles/containers.....

I used to carry my MS medicine when travelling (now I luckily don't have to any longer - that another story). I always made sure, that I had the medication guide in the languages spoken at the visited places incl. transit countries - the medicine company's website actually often offer this on their webpages. Also - make sure that you have the proper papers from your doctor when travelling with special types of medicine.

If stop-overs at airports - you may have to pass through additional security check-in points - check if you are allowed to bring duty free items just purchased with more than the allowed amount beyond this point. If not, they will be confiscated and you WILL NOT get a refund.

Boarding the plane:

"We are now boarding flightxxxx" - as soon as some people hear those words, it like Jack-in-the-Box trying to escape from his box. Everybody want to get to their seat immediately... and what if there's no room for their carry-on items when reaching their assigned seat, and...and...and....'

STOP! You have already been assigned to a seat, if you are already at the gate, the plane wil not leave without you, if people don't carry to much carry on, it will fit into the overhead compartment and a lot of the flight attendents will try to help you to find the space, if everybody is not carrying too much.

I am one of those just waiting for the rushing people to board the plane - just reading my book, knowing that I already have a seat assigned. Some people sigh when I reach my seat - how is her bag going to fit into the overhead compartment, and will I have to move mine a little? Their eyes is about to pop out when the realise that my bag easily fit under the seat infront of me - actually the bag I use everyday when at work...everywhere... And you know what: my netbook, my not-so-small camera, a toilet bag, book(s), extra underwear, and extra t-shirt, wallet etc. it all fits into my bag.... just like a puzzle....

Exception to this, is where the plane is boarded according to seating sections. Or if it is "floating boarding": this is where the boarding actually start at the time where the departure gate is announced - people use a varied amount of time to reach the gate, and therefore the bording is completely smoth - no waiting line what-so-ever.

Carry-on bag/item:

If you are allowed on bag - IT IS ONE BAG!! OK you may have purchased something at the airport, but that is usually not the big-size items. When they start boarding the plane, they can reject additional carry-on. And the overhead compartment do have limited space.

If your carry-on does not fit into the racks showing the allowed size for carry-on at check-in - it actually will often not be able to fit into the overhead compartment or underneath the seat in front of you (read: IN FRONT OF YOU - I have seen people just placing it on empty seats behind them - well somebody was assigned those seats)

Pack your carry-on, so you are able to place it in the overhead compartment yourself - the passenger right next to you might be elderly, a chilld etc. and therefore onable to help you... and you will just block the entry for other people boarding the plane.

Economy class:

Well if you paid for economy class and are seated in economy class - your will get the service accordingly. Don't act if you own the place or as if everything should be all about you-you-you. Don't forget to smile little, when the flight attendents is serving you water, food, snacks etc. - it might just pay out......

The following companies renders a service, that is above the usual economy class standard, even though it is "only" economy, and you can feel that the people are less tense when travelling: Swiss, Thai Airways, Virgin Atlantic and JetBlue.

Frequent Flyer Programmes:

I can recommend this !! DO IT!! A vast number of airlines are in aliances enabling you to earn points/miles on their airlines - also usually includes co-operation with hotels, car rental companies etc. When enough points/miles are earned, you can spend them on new flights, hotel stays, some occasions to pay for the extra bag and much more - check the programme for more info. And one of the best things: the membership is free of charge, so what do you have to loose?

Some of them enable you to pre-register your preferred seating, special meals if any, etc


Yes, I am a frequent traveller. I have a large amount of accrued number of frequent flyer miles/points, that can vouch for that. And how do I spend the waiting time at the airports/on the airplanes? I read  a lot of good books - possibly the most books I read is while travelling... at the airports, there is usually some kind of bookstore, where I can check out the latest/newest books - and then there is usually also a coffee shop or counter where you can indulge in a good cup of.... well something - depends on what you are in the mood for.

And to spot the frequent traveller: just look out for the relaxed person reading a book while waiting in a long line, on the plane etc.

Phew - long blog post today and "only" covered the stages about gettin on the plane....the rest... - but then again: just sharing some thoughts :o)

Todays picture is one of my favourite stamps when creating cards - designed by Penny Black (I love her stamps - and have a large number of them)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zara - my addiction to a label.....

Can you be addicted to a label/brand of clothes? I my little world you absolutely can. And for some odd reasons, all my purchases regarding this brand are made abroad.

Ok - maybe not "odd reason", since the most free time I have on my hands is usually when I am travelling. Oh.... and that statement just sounded like I putting in 70+ workhours per week - which I don't. I have a fairly normal work week and "just" uses all my spare time to do craft or reading good books. But strangely enough, I am more relaxed about shopping for clothes when travelling.

I like Zara because it is good quality - and a lot of the items you can wear both as casual business clothing or leisure time clothing, depending on the specific combination of clothing. And usually the price I end up paying is cheaper than the price at my local store.

Buy locally - I know that that is a mantra for a lot of people these days - actually including myself. See this brand is not locally made, so does it matter, where it is purchased? I actually buy local labels as well, and this is actually the only foreign label - and none of the local ones match Zara's style. When it comes to food, etc. I always make sure, that it is produced locally - and preferably organic.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project Runway - Don't You Just Love It?

Fascinated - and yet soo envious that they are able to create fanstastic clothing with very short notice. I'll admit it: I am addicted to this program - if am not home, when it's being aired, then I TiVo it. For a long time I did not reveal to any of my colleagues, that I'm watching this on tv, because I don't watch that much tv at all.

But they surprised me - a lot of them were addicted too :o) And then I discovered, that a lot of them do creative stuff in their spare time too: painting, sewing, knitting, pottery, photographing...and the list goes on. Yet everybody know, that I do creative stuff - mainly because they have asked me to make a lot of homemade cards to colleagues for birthdays, anniversaries etc.

And yes, I can both sew and knit - in highschool I was very bad at it - and I didn't try again until 6 years ago, when I challenged myself. I kept the projects secret, until they were finished - and people couldn't believe that I had made it, but were soon convinced that I actually had.

I don't have the time to do every creative thing that I really want to. But yet I know if my MS becomes worse and disables me from being able to work - then I might have the time and energy to pursue some of these projects. I firmly believe that that kind of thinking helps me from freaking out when thinking about the MS - it is kind of my emergency plan....

My favourite challenge of Project Runway is where they were taken to the Hersheys store to collect material/inspiration for a project - and that again reminds me of the candy wrapper bags by Ecoist - and those bags are so great, not only because they are special, but also due to the recycling issue.....

OK - now I am babbling and just got some ideas to new cards... and I am going to flow with those ideas.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Connecting the pieces

Been travelling - again - and suddently I have already finished reading two of the books I mentioned the other day (time spent at airports and on planes). I think, I'm gonna make my Traveller's ABC on this blog, as a lot of travellers could need some frindly advise on how to relax and not yell at airline personnel etc. - sometimes those people make me laugh other times I just want to hit them hard with the reality of their behaviour....

From coming Monday it will be a normal work week again and therefore today is all about laundry, general house cleaning, shopping for groceries, backup of my computer and other domestic things, that need to be done - Saturday and Sunday: creative ideas to be put on paper, my usual long walks and reading books....

While travelling I thought about the Glamourous Blog Award -it's time to pass it on, because three of the blogs I follow is soo inspirational - so here goes:

First one goes to Melanie, yep the very one that passed it on to me in the first place. Great things are going to happen for her - just read some of her blog posts and you will see what I mean.

Second one goes to Judy who writes Haiku poems everyday about having MS - some of my friends are now reading her poems daily, because she expresses the worries common to most of us with MS so beautifully - they really evokes every emotion possible.

Third one goes to Tegan - I love her art journal!!  A couple of years ago I bought the book "The Decorated Page" By Gwen Diehn and have loved the idea ever since - haven't gotten around to do it myself ...yet.. as it is one of those projects on my hopefully-someday-list.

Hope all of you have a great Friday. XOXO :o)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brrrr.... It's Cold Outside!!!

It has been cold outside for a while - but this weekend tops it all: right now (during daytime!!) minus 25 celcius / minus 13 Fahrenheit - that's including the wind chill factor.... Just had news yesterday from Florida and Houston: ice...things got frozen... I was baffled: really in those places too?!

Oh wish I had a fireplace, but can't have that in my appartment.... Have crawled under a warm blanket, made lots of tea, lighted candle lights and will absorb myself into the book-world.

Yesterday also included indoor activity - but also some of the domestic must-do like laudry, baking bread and at long last taking down the Christmas decorations. It also meant creative ideas could be made into cards - made 7 of them.... Ok I'll admit it: 4 of those was X-mas cards - but I had the ideas at that moment and decided to follow them - later today I might do some more cards, as the book that I started reading gave me additional ideas.

Stay wam everybody!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wow - I Just Got My First Award :o)

Melanie passed on the Glamorous Blog Award to me - THANKS! :o)

This is actually my first - and me who just started the blog to write my thoughts and really not expecting to have any readers/followers.

But my biggest question is now: do I pass it on? Or???? I am obviously a newbie to this award thing, so a little help here please :o)

Will your reading material tell what mood you're in??

Earlier this week, I was suddenly on my way to Malta - my job called me up and asked me if I was doing anything special other than being on vacation (as in away from my job).... I decided to go - and at the airport I went to the usual bookstore - I always read a lot of books when travelling since there is bound to be waiting time at the airports and on the plane.....

This time I picked Cecilia Ahern's "The Gift" - why did I chose that book? I made me think about: How/why you pick certain books? My answer would be - I am still having my Christmas vacation - away from the job from December 23rd og January 18th... So that might be the explanation.

Then moving on to tree books on my table right now - and I cant decided which one to read first. The selection to pick from is as follows:

- "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs
- "Stetely Pursuits" by Katie Fforde
- "Julie and Julia" by Julie Powell

Okay?! And why did I pick them?? First the selection baffled me - but then it hit me: Of course this should be the selection. I have all Katie Fforde's books - they are all about a creative girl/woman, who for some reason steps away from the daily life and turn to their creative abilities and make it the new life/income. And the creative aspect is also in the knittingbook.

"Julie and Julia" - well I have started to cook more instead of microwave selections from the local supermarket and most of my bread is now homemade....

I've looked at the numerous book titles in my appartment - and I have no doubt... all of them was picked by either mood or an hobby/issue that I was interested in at the time of the purchase.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trip to the past or.....?

I just saw the movie "The Village" again.... WOW!! It always touch something and i LOVE IT!! I have seen it soo many times, but it always makes me think about the good things of the past... like my fascination of the good old letter writing, telephones with cords (pre-mobil phones era).... but then there is the dilemma of the new things, like the smoking ban, the MS medicine etc... If I could turn back time, it would exclude that good things of now....

I would however like to live in a place like the one, where I grew out - out in the country side, where we grew most of the vegetable and fruit that we ate through the year.... a special designed outhouse kept the goods fresh well after harvesting them - the technique of the house was from the 1930's and needed no electricity etc.... And beeries where kept in a huge freezer...... Not to mention the jars of pickles, chutney, jam and bottles of lemonade.... It was a lot of work - and could only be done due to the fact of my mother being a housewife.....

One fact still makes me laugh: I spend half a months food money on my first fruit/vegetable purchase when I moved away from my parents house and started studying at the university.. Until then I had now clue about the costs, because I could always get seasonal items for free when living at home.....
< align="justify">More and more people have however recently rediscovered the joy of homegrown food (maye because of the financial crisis??) ... and some of my colleagues knows that I really enjoy it, and therefore bring me the surplus of their harvest, knowing that they cant eat it all by themselves..... I still have the recipies for jam, chutney etc.

So would it really be going back to the past - or just re-adjusment of daily life

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Whats in a name??!!

Well for starters it is a big part of your identity, its on your drivers licence, in your passport and of course it started with your birth certificate, as the name was chosen by your parents.

After today's event I actually thought about having a name change.....

I was cheerful from the moment I woke up, since it had been snowing and got on all my winterclothes and decided to pay the local craft/creative store a visit, as I needed some new supplies.

A sale is on at the store so I was looking into some items when a guy bombed into me.... Crap! My ex-boyfriend C who decided to break up when I came home from the hospital just diagnosed with a new sclerosis attack and had therefore been given the first out of tree treaments, that was to be endured in three consecutive days.....

What was he doing there - and then this girl came by and introduced herself "Hi, I am C's girlfriend A, I dont think we have met before".... the two of them in "my creative store"... but that's not the worst part of it - that would be the face, that we apparently share our first given name....... He introduced me as an old friend - ok not exactly the truth, but that would be his problem....

Then she told me, that he was such a gem of a boyfriend, 'cause he was soo supportive during her chemo teatments.... I only heard the words breat cancer after that.... everything else..... a blur.... everything just came back to me: he told me (when he dumped me as his girlfriend), that he could not handle people being sick.... this from a guy who actually knew about the MS before starting dating me.......

I could have yelled at him.... Could have said to her "How convenient - he doesn't have to worry about getting your name right when having sex".... but I just couldn't - he had not told her the truth about me......

He have tried to call me on my mobile several times after this encounter today - but I just can't deal with him right now..... He already spoiled today's good mood and left it in a dark place, that actually scares me.....

The blow of her sharing my first name is enhanced with the fact, that another ex-boyfriend also lives with a girl.... tada... with the same first name.... And if that wasn't bad enough - a third ex-boyfiend just had a baby-girl with the girlfriend with a deriviation of my first name......
I am writing this while having a glass of red wine - to bring me courage to write it... But it will only be that one glass and not the whole bottle..... I just need to write it, to get it out of my system and see tomorrow with fresh eyes.