Sunday, November 30, 2014

Now You See It - Now You Don't

Some street art vanishes almost as fast as it is put up in public display - you shoul act fast if you want photos of it because I might not be there when you return in daylight or with a better camera than your phone's camera.

The other night I went to a mail box to send of an old fashioned letter to a good friend (that is our way of communication - old fashioned snail mail) and my eye caught something colorful.

Three persons made of colorful HAMA beads. When I took the photos, somebody had already made an attempt to steal them and the morning after they were all thorn as they have proven harder to remove that people had thought. Albeith the pegging board you use to place the pearls in patterns is a Swedisk invention, the HAMA beads is a Danish invention, so I remember these from my childhood, where we made them in a very young age and used them as presents to family members - somewhere in my Christmas ornament stash I even have some that my nieces made me 10-15 years ago.

This is from August 2014 from a pillar just outside the music venue Culture Box here in Copenhagen - it is actually the club's logo, and it was on the pillar for a least a month. The reason it was up there for so long - I think - was probably that people believed that the club had placed it there themselves - but knowing the building owner any other street art attempt, tagging etc. has always been removed very fast, and it was by pure coincidence I spotted it as it was not too obvious in it's spot.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Old Building

On the road of getting a more normal day again with my MS it includes several appointments in one of the city's old houses - I have to hurry into the waiting room otherwise I would simply loose track of time, but I spend at least 5 minutes in the hallway when leaving the building - snapped a few photos with my phone so I could share with you:

I am totally in love with this window, and I might just one day walk up one floor to see what more gems this building has to offer - and also considering to bring my SONY camera with me to get some photos in a better quality.

Those doors - love how they lure you into the next room, as they offer you a peek of what details that awaits your eyes. Must have had a smile on my face the first time I entered those doors - in an odd way I felt at home though I have never lived in a house with such details.

Mosaic tiled floors with a lot of details - love them - they always make me think of Portuguese house, that have tiles outside on their building walls in a myriad of patterns. The blogger Sandra Juto often takes photos inside old Berlin buildings with similar style details - love them photos and glad that others appreciate the details in old buildings - visit her blog if you want to see more building details or photos of Berlin.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

You Know Christmas Is Coming When......

..... you hear a familiar jingle and watch the same commercial, that was launched in 1982

Never get tired of that, nor the beverage :o) But waiting to drink one until stomach problems are under control.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

When Things Changes

Stop is a universal language when it comes to signs - you may not be able to pronounce written words, but the shape of the sign speaks it's own language. Wish that chronic illness like MS were like this - you noticed a sign, and you understood the general meaning.

Before my sailing trip this summer I experienced a nervous stomach - like my mind all excited abot the upcoming trip, worries - can I really make it? Will it be the adventure/experience that I hoped for? Etc. - Normal right?

When I got home I realized that the stomach problems continued so I addressed it to the local MS clinic who did not see it as a link to the MS and therefore sent me to some other doctors for evaluation as they could see, that something was not right. Imagine my surprise when a doctor after 3 months of doctor visits, examinations, scans etc. told me, that my bowel problems is cause by my bladder?? HUH??!!! It turned out that I have a "party bladder", but unable to empty it fully without help - hence pressure on the bowel and other parts.

That really hit me, as I now have permanent symptoms of my MS that for the rest of my life need to be medicated and need full things - again one can not see it, but it is inside me. Until new medication works I am worried about my stomach, forcing me to say no to a lot of activities and even part time at my work (They are really supportive at the moment) - When will it be at a level, where I am not worried any more but can rely on the medication to work?

It drains me from energy to know, that if I had just had similar symptoms to others with MS, I might have caught it months ago and been able to have the medication work by now - the "party bladder" is very unusual compared to a leaking bladder .. and the attack I had a few months ago was not solely cause by the hard sailing trip this summer but also due to the bladder/bowel problems. I accept that I now have new permanent conditions - but is totally frustrated about the time it takes for the body to adjust to the medicine and then allow me to do some of the normal activities again because now I just want to be very close to a toilet at all time.

When I talked to a professional yesterday about my worries, she said that my thoughts were healthy for me - and that the sailing trip this summer have actually thought me a lot about MS in general - It also makes me accept that things will follow in the wake of an MS diagnosis - I am just SOO impatient when it comes to the body adjusting to medication, which actually makes me smile a little.

Everything is postponed or delayed - in the past few days I went from having no clue about this year's Christmas cards to have 3 ideas, and I can not decide which one to pick. Next obstacle will be getting the supplies needed and muster up time to do it without getting to tired.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

October Tea Swap 2014 - Part 2

Took me a few days to get down to my post box - the weather locally is very grey these days and with short days you need something comforting and what is better than a hot cup of tea with a good book to brighten up a day.

Amazing how this cards reminds one that autumn might be the "stop" before winter and cold air, but yet it is so vibrant with warm colors - just like the card I received from Kim in the October swap.

Thanks Kim.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

October Tea Swap 2014 - Part 1

Fran called this tea swap with the following requirements:

Optional Themes:   Thanksgiving or Halloween
Optional Color:  Fall or Halloween colors


Sent this card to Kim, and reused the same idea for cards to friends whom I have not communicated with for a while - with MS showing it's ugly face at the moment I have to take some short cuts - hope they understand as they know about my current situation.

Freebie sentiment from TLC creations, some paper, a few brads and a miniature witch punch used on orange and black paper and there is my card Halloween style.

Played with my leaf punches to decorate a mini-box for the tea included in the swap - PICKWICKS Winter Tea one of my favorites with all the flavors of Christmas.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

You Know Christmas Is Coming When......

..... your favorite beverage has a Santa on the label :o)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Knitting Cinema

Who thinks up an idea like Knitting Cinema?

Rock'n'Roll Hausfrau had an idea a while back - why not have a viewing at the local cinema, where the moviegoers brings their knitting or crochet-in-progress and do their craft while watching the movie - light not dimmed as much as usual as you need to be able to see the yarn in your hands and a little more talk amongst the audience as people are admiring each others' work or maybe commenting the movie a little bit.

Today was the second event and they have already scheduled another one next month showing a Danish movie. A friend and I participated for the first time and we both agree, it is not the last time. Yes people were chatting a little bit, but not that much and it did not bother us - maybe because we knew in advance that it was part of the package and people were just relaxed and enjoyed themselves while working with yarn. Me I am working on a scarf that I hope to show in a month or so..... work in progress :o)

Let us not forget the movie - Gone Girl........ I do not think I would have seen it if it was not the one that was showed today - but I am glad I did. 

Nick Dunne gets a phone call from the next door neighbor on his and his wife's fifth anniversary - their front door seems to be open and their cat is outside. He returns to his home only to find evidence of some kind of struggle and his wife has gone missing. Soon the little evidence that surface points towards Nick as being guilty of the crime behind his wife's disappearance, but is he innocent as he claims.

It is one of those movies that shows flashbacks to give you clues about the crime, where you simply do not trust what you are seeing as it continuously takes a turn/twist that you did not expect - even the ending leaves you with a "What?!" and the audience looking at each other in disbelief and then smiling as you try to figure out in your head what will happen after the end titles starts. "What... How....Why..." keeps tumbling in your head.

Really good entertainment and a good start on a weekend.