Monday, September 28, 2015

Heart Problems

Well luckily, I do not suffer from that - but I have a friend who does.

The Danish Heart Association has put these 4 colors of bracelets for sale to raise money for the cause. When receiving the birthday wishlist from a young lady turning 13 years old I spotted that one of her wishes were these 4 bracelets - she has just participated in a first aid course and has decided that she should support causes that affects friends of her family.

She has also been curious about MS and is not afraid to ask me questions - she is very aware that handicaps or conditions are often invisible to others, as she for a very long time refused to believe that I even had a chronic disease. She has also announced that when she gets older she would like to do volunteer work for Red Cross.

So heart problems has become "heart warmth" - a young girl that wants to make a difference.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bob Buttons

Could not resist buying these badges/buttons when I was in a local book shop last week.....

Immediately my mind circled around the name Bud Bottons. :o)

The name is the lost cat's name according to Mr. Heckels in the episode "The One With the Blackout" from the tv-series FRIENDS, when Phoebe and Rachel finds a lost cat in the building. Have the entire series on DVD so I watched that episode today.

Actually there were plans marked in my calendar today, but was not ready for those as the MS attack treatment earlier this week still weakens my strength so decided on some me-time with books and DVDs.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pride and Prejudice - Read-Along

Danish and English version of Pride and Prejudice.

My old English teacher did not exactly inspire to read the classic – in fact I was reluctant to speak much English until the age of 26 despite having English lessons since the age of 10 – reading Stephen King and Dean R Koontz  in original language began in 1992 (age of 19)

Much have changed – English is the official language at work (actually at all my previous jobs since 1995) and I read English just as fast as Danish – fluent in the spoken language too. 

This is actually a first reading the classic in Danish - I did finish the read-along in time, but have not blogged about it until now.

Stamp issued at the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's first publication

The current translation was done by Vibeke Houstrup in 2006 and is one  of the best translations of a book, that I have ever read. The essence is true to Jane Austen's writing which made this a happy read. The first translation to Danish was done in 1929 and believe it could be fun to track down a copy of that translation to see just how different that is compared to the one I just read - guessing that it is my inner book nerd speaking out loud know.

Now matter how many times you read it, one still hopes that Elisabeth will find her true love despite some looking down on her family's misfortune: no male heir means that her father's property will be inherited by a cousin and her mother's appearance:

She was a woman of mean understanding, mean information, and uncertain temper. When she was discontented she fancied herself nervous.

A nice hot cup of tea and one of these in the DVD player: bliss!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Textile Book and Blog Day

I went to this even the weekend before last - and I participated in a workshop.

Wont go into details about the workshop as it was a failure in my view - turned out that the main description(theme) about this 2½ hour workshop was incorrect, and the lady hosting the workshop spent 45 minutes about her creations, her artistic name etc so none of us got a finished thing to show - some of us had barely started making a project as heads could not quite adjust to the new theme of the work shop.

There was even a small fair with sellers, but I think they were too alike and if they were just addressing a specific crowd and not being a broad event like they had said it would be on their flyer.

Normally I consider myself open minded - but it is hard to stay positive when you do not get what you initially thought you paid for. I could have made a fuss about it, as my profession is purchasing so I could have thrown rules and regulations in their face - but it was my weekend, time away from work and with the hint of my crafty interests.

They want it to be a yearly event - starting last year - but will the event survive at all? I for one can not recommend crafty friends to pay money on the entrance fee as inspiration is scarce.

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Bookshop Book

I can get lost in good bookshops - That is I completely loose track of time. Wonder if time even exist in a book shop? You go in, browse a little, leave and get chocked when looking at the time. I can spend hours in a good book shop and only thinking it must have been 10-15 minutes max.

Although I was always a keen library user, buying books was a different order of bliss, because I would get to live with these ones.
Emma Donoghue

Was surprised to learn that the Denmark was mentioned in this book because of Thorup Eco Village. I know they have some wonderful organic farm produce, but books? They apparently have book cases scattered all over the village and the former  train station building has been converted into a book shop. I really have to find a way to get up there here in the fall, both to buy pumpkins, apples etc. but also to explore their book world.

My favorite local book store is Politikens Boghal - they just renovated the store, and they are still true to their metier: books.... and then knick-knack that relate to books. Another favorite bookshop is Atheneum Academic Books - opened in 1874 but sadly closing down in the middle of next month - hoping that the Friends of Atheneum can save the spirit of this old and wonderful book store.

Jen Campbell books are full of anecdotes about the love of book and book shops - they will make you smile and laugh, and I do hope that the following will be the future truth:

I can see e-books replacing the paperback copies one might give away after a single read, but I still think that people like to own books - physical books and beautiful objects - and, because of that, good bookshops will stay.
James Daunt

Thursday, September 17, 2015

You know It Is Autumn When....... see this sign when entering one of the local Starbucks coffee houses.

Yes it's back: pumpkin spice latte :o) I ventured into the coffee house, as it was cold, rainy and windy outside and it became dark really early due to heavy rain clouds, so definitely time to get some warm-me-up.

At first I ordered my pumpkin spice latte to-stay, but changed my mind: "To-Go, Please". A cup being handed over to a customer caught my attention with some colors.

Could not resist taking several photos as simply loves all the small drawings making it seasonal cup: autumn with all the leaves, pinecone, pumpkins, colors.......

The drawing reminds me of Johanna Basford - did she create this cup?

I have searched Starbuck's webpage - oh, I wish that you could buy a tumbler version of this, but can not spot it anywhere.... could have been cool to have one.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 2015 In Books

11 books - the good old paper book along with some e-books and an audio book - and yes, still prefer the good old paper book, but when running out reading material, the others are taken temporarily into consideration. A big variety of  themes and styles, BookFriend choice, read-along and one suggested due to challenges caused by the MS. Ahhhh reading is good!!

Joyland by Stephen King
Library Book

Gut, The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ by Guilia Enders
(Original title: Darm mit Charme)
Library Book

Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson
Library Book

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules by Catherina Ingelman-Sundberg
(Original title: Kaffe med rån)
E-book / Library Book

Operation Dacapo by Hanne Bech Hansen

Wild by Cheryl Strayed
E-book / Library book

Duma Key by Stephen King
Library book

Vælg Fra by Birgitte Sally
(Translated title: Select) *
Library book

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
LoveBooks Read-Along

Cantata*(translated title) by  Kristin Maria Baldursdottir
(Original title: Kantata )
Library book
BookFriend book September 2015

The Egyptian by Mika Waltari
(Original title: Sinuhe Ägyptiläinen)

*Translated title: the book has not been published in English version, so title is not an official title of the book.