Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knit, good woman, knit, knit!

Paid the hospital the monthly visit today - and I saw something, that I have not seen there before when getting the treament: two women were actually knitting - it made me smile and I wished that I would be able to do that while at the hospital. They were not fellow patients, but relatives supporting their loved ones while getting their treatment.

Watching that, and a line from somewhere popped into my head "Knit, good woman, knit, knit!".... and the more it spun in my head, the more curious I got: Where had I heard that originally? Who said it? .. The good helper was google. I laughed - from the tv-series FRIENDS, and said by Chandler Bing.... this is my all time favourite tv-show :o)

The picture is actually from two projects of mine (yep the colors are the same as in the blogpost with the granny square - the yarn was at hand then, when I decided to do that first crocheting) - and I recently found out, that it is not unusual for knitters, to have more than one project going at the time. Previously it would have freaked me out to have more than one unfinished project - but now I am relaxed about it :o)

Having read knitting mysteries by Maggie Sefton (Kelly and the Lampspun friends) and Sally Goldenbaum (the Seaside knitters), it makes more sense, that you are letting your mind work with all sorts of stuff, that has occupied your mind and subconcience. Yes running and walking can actually do that also, but sometimes I just need to sit and relax with a good cup of tea instead of being outside exercising (I use my bicycle to get to/from work, so I do get my share of exercise every day).

Back to the knitting projects. One of them is actually a summer top, but looking at the calendar: fall starts tomorrow, and it is already to chilly to wear a top outside - I have thus decided that that project is my long term project. The other one is a cosy sweater and I have gotten surprisingly far already, so that will be finished and used during the upcoming fall and winter.

Looking for the origin of the quote in my head, I stumpled over a blog, where a knitter is writing about her using a lot of airplane time knittin: I had no idea that knitting needles would even be allowed on a plane!! I travel a lot by air, but I have yet to see one knitting.... But hey, maybe that first one could just be me :o)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taylored Expressions Sketch Challenge 126

Ohhhhh.... to hard to resist - must try with newly purchased Creativi Tea stamps bought at Taylored Expressions webstore :o) I already made one card using these stamps... and I will probably use them again later on.

If I see something, that I immediately like (book covers luring me to buy a book, clothes, shoes, etc etc), then I should buy it, 'cause usually that item will be used until it is no good. Things that are "well..maybe" - is just the maybe, and will most likely only be used once... after gathering dust for a couple of years it will then be recycled or given to charity.

These stamps were definately an eyecatcher at first glance.

This week's sketch looks like this:

And this is my interpretation:

Now off for at nice cup of tea

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mojo Monday Challenge 153

Tea, something I have a hard time living without - yep, you might call it additction. Luckily it comes in a variety of flavours, and it is available in some form all over the world. Have been to parts of the world, where they are making tea on fresh mint leaves, and was still offered the usual teabags, as I might prefer them rather than the local brew. Are you kidding?!! I take the local versions anytime rather than teabags :o) I am the only one in my family drinking tea - they all prefer coffee, as "tea is something you drink, when you are down with a cold or the flu".

When I first laid eyes on the Creativi TEA stamps from Taylored Expressions, I wanted to buy them and finally I did - and they arrived just in time to make a birthday card for a friend and a fellow tea drinker... Between us, I believe we have enough tea to create a teastore LOL!!

Used this week's sketch from Mojo Monday Challenge:

For me the real challenge is to add a bow - a ribbon is usually not a problem, but a bow??!! Luckily there was a button, which made me relax a bit when creating the card.

Now it is time for a nice cup of tea :o)

Ohh.. one confession though: this card took "forever" to make, as I made the mistake of watching the WTA Final from New Haven on TV. Tennis is the only sport, that I have patience to watch on TV, and since Caroline Wozniacki was defending her title, I could not resist watching... and she won :o)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nihongo Futatabi

Japanese.... it has been a while since I have practiced anything in regards to that language, but now a chance has presented itself. When I first decided to learn it, it made my family wonder if I had lost my mind. At that time, I had already learned 4 languages (some more fluent than others) besides my native language :o) But when you want to learn something completely different, even involving learning new sets of signs instead of the Roman letters that we encounter at a very early age other peoples' worries becomes just that: their worries.
Just before classes started back then, there was a re-run of the tv-series "Shogun"- and suddenly everybody wanted to practice those few words, that they have picked up while watching it on TV. And looking closer at it, at lot of people these days are into something inspired from Japan: sushi, kokeshi dolls, kimonos, HelloKitty, manga cartoons etc.

So, maybe I am just a bit crazy when learning/practicing a language like Japanese, but it is also a way to explore more of the world. You do not "just" learn the language, you learn about the traditions, culture and history - this comes in handy when visiting any country in Asia, as you encounter similarities or something that has either made an impact on Japan or the other way around. Showing that you know something about Asian culture is often a door opener.

Yoi ichinichi o.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alphabet Wednesday - X is for...

X is for...

X... you are here
How did the map maker know where I am?? LOL!! But his advise is always appreciated :o)
This tv-series from 1990's is one of the best
Just imagine that X-mas was once forbidden in England......Believe many children are happy that that changed
Hugs and kisses....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

4 Simple Goals.... 2nd Update

Fingerless gloves aka wrist warmers.

Ever been cold indoors (due to draft or a malfunctioning aircon)?? I decided, that it would be too much to wear gloves indoors, but needed an alternative, so I can stay warm indoors and be able to hit the correct keys on my computer's keyboard. Since I have challenged myself to be more creative, I did not buy them but set out to make them myself.

I found a pattern here - I took me four knitted attemps before I made something acceptable to wear. I used black yarn for my first pair, as it blends in with most my work attire (conservative office look) and made a matching Knit-Wit rosette (circular).

Had some difuculties with the photos, I could not take the picture of them while wearing them, so decided that some gloves could assist a bit... also the result is kindda dark, but even in reallife you have to get up close to see the rosettes. But know I know the basics and will try to make some more with colors matching some of my clothes.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Words of Inspiration

Franklin's illness... gave him strength ad courage he had not had before. He had to think out the fundementals of living and gaing the greates of all lessons - infinite patience and neverending persistense.
Eleanor Rosevelt

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Alphabet Wednesday - W is for...

W is for...

Thankfully I still have that ability
....Don't let money define it. It is soo much more
Green energy/power
Glance at....
A glass of red wine when coming home after a stressfull work day - just wonderful
World Trade Center
We all remember 9/11... and what we were doing when we heard the tragic news

Monday, August 16, 2010

4 Simple Goals.... Baby steps

I realised today that my 3rd attempt on a project, that I started last week, was not quite right either..... Undid it all.... Actually I do not feel to bad about it, because I firmly believe, that I can learn from my mistakes.. and yet: want to wait a few days before beginning on the fourth attempt.

Bought a magazine today, which included a picture of a crochet pattern + the pattern itself.... resembling the granny square pattern and yet being totally different.... still something with yarn, but complete different on what I was originally working on today....

Saw a YouTube link a while ago to a crochet granny square tutorial - using that as a guideline it seemed possible...

I made my first granny square using a crochet needle a bit oversized for the yarn used, but still gave me a chance to get to know the granny pattern myself.... in fact this is also my first attempt on crocheting...yep a bit uneven at the edges, but again my first attempt.....

Maybe I want to do a project with crocheted granny squares someday.. if I can do this, can I crochet some flowers, that I can use when making cards? The possibilities seem endless, and my creative idea list is once again growing....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

4 Simple Goals.... for 2010

Reading Oh, My Darling's blogpost sent shivers down my spine...

Why?! The other night I wrote in my journal, that my thoughts are spinning with soo many creative projects, that I don't know where to start.... guess I just needed someone to give me a litl' push in the right direction and make me transform my creative ideas/impressions into goals.

Her inspiration comes from this blog, where you can also find the "rules" - if you want to learn more you should look at that blog belonging to a very creative Elsie Flannagan.

Here goes:

1. Knit more...or doing something with yarn
Recently startet knitting again and is now ready to taggle bigger knitting projects - already have some ideas puzzling and even bought the yarn for some of them...Time to get started.... Crocheting is also veeeery tempting.

2. Use the camera more 
...and not just for pics supporting my blogposts. I need to learn to take quirky pictures, not just the usual "tourist shots" or portraits... maybe even something color-theme-something

3. Start using the sewing machine
...that I got from parent almost 6 years ago. Only used sporadic when I got it, but various patterns are too tempting...need to give it a try.

4. Baking and other "kitchen stuff"
Just a small portion of berries and you can make your own jam etc... And the price of bread is once again about to get more expensive. Once you get going, you enjoy the results afterwards

Thursday, August 12, 2010

When You Cannot Find...

Can you create it yourself?

Well, believe it or not, I was chasing letter sets last week, and couldn't find any??!! I wanted to send of my first letter to the girls in my Dear Darlings Penpal Project group and in my mind - simple note paper was out of the question...

Suddenly a possible business trip was luring in the horizon...

It had so be something "me" on the paper if I was to make some letter paper myself...

Well didn't want to have this blogpost until I knew that my letters have arrived at their destinations... I think, I nailed it: What could be more "me"?

Well the business trip didn't happen, as too many uncertain factors was involved - and a compromise with safety is not an option. When I travel, there is always envelopes and notepaper in my bag - and as you can see I have already a small collection of various stamps at hand if needed... airplane time is not only for reading or watching movies, in my world it also includes letter(s) to friends and family.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Could I Possibly....

have in common with Karl Lagerfeld?!

Sometime people surprises you, and I just read the following quote:

They are a hard-bound drug with no danger of an overdose. I am the happy victim of books. 
Karl Lagerfeld

Yep, I fully agree. My book shelves are the evidence thereoff. I litterally have stacks of books that I have yet to read. Going on the bus, train, airplanes etc. and you will see me reading a book. Just before sleepy time at night: at least one chapter is read in a book... and I do actually have time for other passions besides books :o)

Parting with books is diffucult, unless it has captured me less than others and I might know somebody who would appreciate that particular book more than me. Kindda pass-it-forward attitude, where a book can wander until it finds an owner really appreciating it and wants to keep it.

Alphabet Wednesday - V is for...

V is for...

Those researching for the MS cure
Love almost everything with vanilla flavour
Victorian Era
...their gardens and produce.....
Virgin Atlantic
Economy class is never going to be the same again ... unless flying with Emirates...
Required supplement to my MS diet

Monday, August 9, 2010

Patchwork... My First Attempt...

I was going through some files on my computer yesterday as I had to find a pattern, which a friends asked if she could borrow.... Going through stuff like that is truly a trip down Memory Lane...

This is actually my very fist attempt with pachwork (sorry for the poor picture quality).

Who knows, why I bought the January/February 2006 issue of Quilter's Newletter Magazine where I found this pattern. Suddenly I realised that it could be the perfect birthday / first house present for one of my frieds, who I had been drinking pots of tea with while studying at the university. When we needed a time-out from the books, tea was always the solution.

Making the whole quilt was out of the question, and then I realised that she was decorating the kitchen in retro colors to - which the fabrics selected matched perfectly. I managed to complete them within a week - the size was ammended, so it would fit the frames, that I found at a local hoby shop.

They have a nice spot in her kitchen - and if you are drinking tea at her house, most likely it is going to be in her cosy kitchen. Her parents actually asked me to make another set for one of their friends' birthday - and since I new nothing about the recipient, the mom helped me select the fabrics to be used. See this is where I regret me not having taken a photo of that set as well.

I still do it - find creative ideas from pictures, articles, patterns.... you name it... But guess that is the "curse of a creative person": we always collect ideas and add them to our must-to-someday-when-I-have-the-time list :o)

Today I am actually picking one from the have-to-do-need-it list - hopefully I can post a picture of the result later this week.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Provocative ... But Sadly a Necessity

In a lot of countries free cards are available - some of them with an artist's creation, others are commercials for various products/events, and some of them are meant to be "educational".

A while ago, I found this post card:

It translates from Danish to "DANGER. Never leave a dog in a SUN-BAKED CAR"  ??!!

It is down-right scary, that you even have to make people aware of this! There are even some cased where parents have left small infants in the car on a hot summerday, unfortunately sometimes even resulting in death.

What on earth were people thinking when doing this?! Ok I'll rephrase it: Why weren't they thinking??!!

Don't they know, that they have responsibilities when having a child or a pet?!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is Martha Stewart a NoNo-Name in the Crafting World??

For me Martha Stewart is a source of inspiration - I subscribe to Martha Steward Craft of the Day newsletter and have even bought some of the craft supplies available both online and in various stores. I have seen some of the ideas in the newsletters in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine, but since it is a but pricy locally, I opt for the emails.

I have saved some of the emails and added a lot of stuff to my must-do-someday-list and others have inspired ideas to cards etc. There is also special newsletters regarding Christmas etc. where you can get a lot of ideas regarding planning, decoration, food/drinks/baking etc

Maybe a must-do-someday-list sounds stressing, but it is nice to have some inspiration for a rainy day :o)

Make Your Own Garden Stool (Oh I seriously need a garden, but a great gift idea)

Make your own popsicles

Recycled Shutter Organizer

So there you have it - it is not a nono-world for me :o)

The pictures are from Martha Steward Craft of the Day newsletters.

Alphabet Wednesday - U is for...

U is for...

On a rainy day..... "Just Singin' in the Rain"
Cherish it - it's a positive sign, if somebody call you just that
Hoping to fit that category...:o)

Monday, August 2, 2010

48 Hour Read-a-Thon Update #2

I did it... yeah :o) Finished the second/last book on my reading list yesterday: "Cathedral of the Sea" by Ildefonso Falcones.

Fell asleep afterwards, as all this reading has put my internal clock upside down - when you are living alone and getting totally absorbed by a book, you sometimes forget to go to bed....oh well - not exactly forgetting the bed, but forgetting about time and place.... Luckily I was able to catch up on the sleep before a new work week started, but decided to wait with this update until I was well rested.

After having read this book - I want to go back to Barcelona again. Loove that city - and reading this book, albeit taking place more than +600 years ago, you could kind of fell the atmosphere from the city's old area... It was actually a friend of mine that suggested that I read the book - He actually choose to have his vacation in Barcalona after reading the book.

The genre of the book reminds me a bit about "London" and "NewYork" by Edward Rutherfurd - and yet Ildefonso has his own style, but can wait to read more by him.

Well domestic must-dos await, as they were neglected this weekend :o)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

PenPals via a blog?

Couldn't believe my eyes, when I saw a blogpost on one of the blogs, that I am following, that someone has put op a blogpost encouraging people to sign up for a penpall group. Now if that is something for you too - visit the link mentioned.

Old fashioned letter writing - that I hope will never go out of style. The initiative is awesome.

Well I signed up and has already been assigned to a group - letters will soon be posted to them.

48 Hour Read-a-Thon - Update

Finished the first of the two books on my Read-a-Thon list :o)

Maggie Sefton's latest novel "Skein of the Crime" about the Kelly and her friends at the knitting shop Lambspun, knitting away while solving the latest murder... As mentioned on cover of the book, Publishers Weekly resemble Kelly and her friends with the tv-series "Friends" - I was a fan of Friends from the first time I even saw an episode. Somehow Kelly also reminds me a bit about Miss Marple, with her clever questions and ability to solve a murder.... There's a mix of both in Maggie's books about Kelly and her friends - and placing the "scenery" in a creative environment, that got my attention.

Alas, I should have known. Reading that book suddenly gave me creative ideas, so I "just had to" create a card = a break from reading, as the creative urge was too strong

"Alas"..... omg, have I been reading too much Shakespeare lately?? Why am I suddenly starting to use that word?  Maybe I need some sleep.