Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alphabet Wednesday: G is for...

G is for...

Gargoyles and everything else connected to Gothic buildings...and yet fascinating...
Ginger Ale
Sparkles and yummy
Originally a Swedish drink savoured in the month of December - main ingredient usually is red wine - then add raisins, almonds and some Christmas spices
Enough with the beverage....now I am thirsty...but love this beer
Does that word exist or..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alphabet Wednesday - F is for...

F is for...

All the beautiful colours....
Writers have that - how else could they write stories to entertain us - and kids have that when playing - linked to creativity
Downside of MS - not often, but it's sneaky
TV-series - if you have lived at a college/univerisity dorm you can see a lot of parallels to that tv-series...
Jane Austen uses that word a lot....
Wonderful to look at and nice to be cosy near - however fire freaks me out, so I'm settling with the type of fire, that my DVD player can provide on a screen (can you believe it - I received the DVD from my insurance company)
People you can't live without... who will be there eventhough you don't have the chance to met them often....
The best TV-series ever!!!
People have feelings....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chaos Rules North-west European Airspace Today....

Have you looked at the breaking news on CNN, BBC or whatever tv-channel today?

Yesterday was - ok an Icelandic vulcano erupted....try to pronounce the name of the vulcano: Eyjafjallajokull.

This morning.... well some parts of the European airspace on Iceland, GreatBritain, Norway and Denmark might be closed...... Now: Icelands biggest airport is still up and running ???!!! WHAT!! But the airports in Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands are closed.

My job is dependant on transport - I would say: half by road and the other half..... yes, take a guess. And most of my suppliers - guess what geographic location they are at....

Normally my day is full of challenges - not any work day is like the others - but this is a PROBLEM really causing a headache..

Oh well..... Mother Nature is showing us, that she rules us and not the other way around.

And airports shutting down due to the ash-cloud - well safety first....

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alphabet Wednesday - E is for...

E is for......

Just another word for explain - and yet...
Are we getting to dependent on electricity? Just look what happens if there is a powerfailure/blackout, then you really notice how many everyday things that require electricity to work
If you need a visial description: Audrey Hepburn
ESB - Empire State Building
Art Deco at its best

Monday, April 12, 2010

PaperCraftPlanet - Challenge SK041010

Just like the card in my blogpost yesterday - this card is all about using recycled scraps and then adding the Penny Black stamp CINNAMON - I have a large collection of her stamps, and they are often included in my cards.

Inspiration came from the challenge publised this Saturday at PaperCraftPlanet:

And resulted in this little card:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crazy 4 Challenges - C4C32

I was sitting with a box full of scraps of paper, ribbon etc. actually all of them are recycle if I include any of them in cards as they are from magazines, present wrapping etc. (not from cards made from other people - I wouldn't do that, as they are usually keep sakes in my box of old letters). I needed some inspiration on how to use some of these scraps and stumbled over the Crazy 4 Challenges blog and decided to try this weeks challenge.

No sketch - but the following requirements:
"Make a card or project that includes 1 ribbon, 2 buttons or brads and the use of 3 different punches"

So here is the result:

I can't name what brands the scraps are for obvious reasons - but the stamp is from The Greeting Farm : digital stamp WS Rain Rain.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aphabet Wednesday: D is for...

D is for...

An old type of craft that has been revived - and combined with crackle paint you can really make some beautiful items to fit next to both antiques and designer furniture
With the MS diet I am not supposed to eat meat - but I indulge a couple of times a year in a good burger at an old fashioned diner
Seing possibilities in different directions
You can donate time, or maybe do some knitting that could help support a cause...
If you have a piece of paper in front of you while talking on the phone - just see how may times you have actually made a drawing on that piece of paper during the conversation :o)
Dream Catcher
Own a blue one - it is such a beautiful craft and the tradition behind it is so intriguing
... on memorable moments in the past - not what could have been

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trip Down Memory Lane

" Life can only be understood backwards;
  but it must be lived forwards"
                                                       Soren Kierkegaard

In highschool I never appreciated those words from Soren Kierkegaard - and none of his other writings either.... Our teacher told us, that we would learn to appreciate what he wrote, which none of us believed.

I'll admit it - she was right!! Now I do appreciate them :o)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mojo Monday Challenge 132

Sometimes you need a little kick to get things started - a friend asked if I could make a baby boy card - I said yes but afterwards my mind just went blank.....

But then I remembered this weeks Mojo Monday Challenge - maybe I could use that as an idea? Well made the card and my friend loves it: she can wait to give it to her bothers family... She saw what I used for inspiration and launched an idea: why not round up some of the girls and have a creative weekend? Some of them wants to try cardmaking and others are already into scraapbooking, art journals etc...

This week's sketch:

My card:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Just Learned a New Word: Frenemy

As you might already have guessed, it's a blend of the words friend and enemy .....

I have known people, that were supposed to be my friends but they turned out to be an enemy in disguise  - way back then I did not know this word, but it fits them perfectly.... You know the type of people that really want something that you can either help them with or provide for them - and as soon as they receive it, they turn their back on you and if they have promised something in return: it's never going to happen.....

I have some really close friends, who have been there for years: we help each each other any way we can, and we know that if we ask for help - we will give a lending hand if possible..... When it comes to new people I tend to be more cautious before letting them into my circle of friends - some of them will always just be aquintances, but that's ok....

In my type of job, favours is actually part of the job - because you never know excactly when you're gonna ask for a return-favour.... as with friends you need to consider whether that person is actually a friend or an ememy....frenemy....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

When Earplugs becomes your new best friend....

Sounds awfull doesn't it....

In the past few weeks a noisy neighbour have played music all day long .... all day as in 24 hours..... and often he hears the same song on repeat .... when you hear a good song for the 117th time you start to hate it.... and yes he is awake since most of the time he's singing along...

And yes, we have complained to our building administration both per phone and in writing, but it is not easy to get a warning issued or even getting him kicked out of the building..... and I refuse to move away from my appartment.... I was here first....

The other night I suddenly remembered having earplugs in the ready-to-go suitcase, as this is part of a requirement when travelling for my company...so I decided to try using them.... I slept like a baby that night, and have now purchased some placed them next to my bed.... the other ones had to go back the suitcase...

So for less than 2$ I have secured a good nights sleep without having to take sleeping pills.... hate that I have to use them... but LOOOOVE that I will get my sleep back.....

Happy Easter to all of you :o)