Saturday, June 21, 2014


Well this little blog will go on vacation, while I go sailing.
Will be back in 5 weeks

Have a nice summer

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bon Voyage!!

Today was a happy and emotional day. Lots of tears were shed today - those out of joy and excitement - at the Copenhagen Harbor. It is a dream come true, a boat that has MS crew members on board and will sail with changing MS crew members around the world. A dream that originated in an MS doctor's idea to spread the joy of sailing amongst MSers - an idea he pursued and could witness coming true today as he, the boat and crew left Copenhagen today.

Oceans of Hope - fitting name for the boat who is going to be greeted by MSers around the world and hopefully inspire them to go sailing too - perhaps not on a tour around the world, but hopefully they will connect/reconnect with the joy on being on a sailboat just feeling alive and get wind in the hair.

Seven spectators to this departure (including myself) were filled with a different kind of joy than the remaining of the spectators. We have all been selected to sail with this boat in the near future, so all of us are counting down to an experience/adventure that started as a wish/dream 1½ year ago..... knowing that lots of other MSers will get the opportunity to sail with this boat the next 1½ year makes the feeling even stronger.

Friday, June 13, 2014

May 2014 Tea Swap - Part 2

So here is my contribution in the May Tea Swap - took a while to reach Jayne, but good to know that it has finally arrived.

There is a lot of "me" in this bookmark - favorite color is blue, the text is from a Jayne Austen book (had a duplicate and the cover on one of them - paperback - was really thorn so decided to reuse the pages inside in creative projects) - and the sentiment could not be more true when reading a good book.

I enclosed the following teas in the swap: Licorice from YOGI Tea and Ginger Green from Hampstead Tea.

Monday, June 9, 2014


Vintage cars .... Seeing the bubble (VW) is like flasbach to my childhood - does that makes me vitage?? Surely do not feel vintage ;) Anyway love seeing well kept cars like the VW and Chevrolet seen in the streets of Copenhagen.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wake UP! And Smell the Roses

The city is quiet this morning - more than usual on a Sunday which is kind of odd as there are lots of events in the city this long weekend (it is Pentecost - so today and Monday are national holidays) - but then a lot of us had the whole Thursday off (some only haft days - depends on your contract with your employer) due to Constitution Days, so if you took a holiday from work, then you would have 5 days of relaxing.

These photos are from the walk home from the grocery store this morning - gives you a good start on a sunny day seeing beautiful flowers like these.

Monday, June 2, 2014

May 2014 Tea Swap - Part 1

When you have participated in Fran's teawap for a long time it is inevitable that you get paired up with someone you have swapped with before. But that is nice and it underlines that we want to come back again and again to participate in her swaps. Jayne was assigned once more and this is her interpretation of this months theme: a bookmark.

Like how she used cut-outs as a dark silhouette as if the paper cut itself is ready to tell a story

The swap also contained these two teasamples, but for once I will not taste them. Being allergic it is super important to read the small letters so I do not end up getting really sick from drinking tea ... the no-go in this case was banana which is hard as I used to love eating bananas.

Well my swap is still enroute to Jayne, so hope she likes it :)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Knitting in the City

Hard to believe that my mind can actually contain thoughts other than work or a saffron colored sailboat - really I should be concentrating about those two, but I have decided not to let everything else go on a complete standby and thereby stressing my calender a little bit...

Today I returned to a event organized by the same ladies that held the first public yarn bomb I have participated in last year - not as many participants as last year but still a good time with familiar faces and inspiring work. We put color and things you can sit/rest on :)


Happy to see that my red PacMan inspired ghost from last year is still alive - though colors are a bit faded - yellow ghost partly there but not as nice looking as Mr red.

Must admit that my thoughts were not all shut off when it comes to boats, as the event was held right next to the inner city harbor which to to really nice summer weather was very busy with leisure boats - caught myself daydreaming once or twice about the upcoming trip.