Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Start Believing Now

It has been on my mind for a very long time, and now it is really getting closer

For me, it is seeing is believing.... and today I saw the tour boat for the very first time with my own eyes - even worked on her for several hours as it takes a bit more sweat to get her ready for the tour. I am exhausted but so are some other MSers that like me wanted to give our hands and time to make her perfect.

We are not finished yet, but we still have 3 more weeks until she starts this big adventure around the world... until today this was meetings, emails and various info posted on the web... and now truly a reality when seeing the boat.

It is a huge part on my life at the moment and you will hear more about the tour and the boat the next two months..... that is because I consider this an adventure of a lifetime - a chance that I had to pursue.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

What is happening?

Do not know what made me  look up and see this particular window - or rather what is nn display in that window - but instinctively took my phone and took a photo.

It reflects the thoughts that have been in my head lately: Is it really happening? Did I really get a spot on the sailboat this summer?

Schedule have been changed slightly due to delivery time on a needed spare part to get the boat ready for the big trip but have a schedule for my part of the world tour that I absolutely love - believe it will become the experience of my lifetime :o)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Copenhagen: Eurovision Song Contest

For the past week, a lot of people and nationalities have been in our city due to the Eurovision Song Contest really putting an extra stress to the city's infra structure, that are hit by construction of a metro circle line (18 station = 18 construction sites) and renovation of various places. So why having such an event here? Well we won last year, so Denmark is to host this year's contest, and after looking at several cities, Copenhagen was chosen again (as in 2001).

Well I am not going to talk about the songs, the artists or anything like that - instead I want you to meet someone who has embraced the event with ...... knitting.

Photo by Pernille Jensen

Meet Kim Vegge Pedersen, who has decorated his motor-crosser in Eurovision  song contest style with knitted items. Kim has previously decorated the scooter Christmas style with the knitted Christmas balls á la Arne and Carlo and rainbow style. He transfers the focus from the reason (disability) why he has to use the motor-crosser to positive smiles from passers-bys who are offered to take a closer look at his creations.

Yes, Kim has knitted all the items on his motor-crosser himself and has a very good eye for details - the big knitting needle, the song contest's logo, the music nodes etc. He participated at the yarn bombing event 2 weeks ago (where I also took the last two photos in this blog post).... and it was great to see how many spectators like me, that saw his vehicle and gave positive comments.

Basim is the name of the artist singing the Danish song tonight, Cliche Love Song - confession: I did not hear the song in full length until 2 weeks ago, but it does have some catching lyrics..... this knitted tribute, plays the song's chorus when pressing it.

skuba duba dabda dididaj   skuba duba dabda dididaj