Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas everybody!!

I am sitting in the train on my way to my brothers house where I will spend Christmas Eve (THE Christmas event in Denmark - where we get our presents) and stay over until tomorrow where I go to a friend's house to have a Canadian Christmas.

Cards are delayed this year - at least I managed to get them done, but a recent MS attack combined with the slow-mo Danish postal services who are really taking their time distributing old fashioned mail. So far I have only received one (1) Christmas card in my mail box, I know several have sent me one, but they are late.... well it is the thought that counts, and the lazy service is not the senders' fault. Design paper: Merry Christmas - Decorate the Tree from Panduro Hobby.

I learned to master the fold of a new star thanks to this tutorial - must find some nice paper and make some to hang as ornaments next year, but need to find some nice paper - wonder if I can get some more of this design paper Christmas Eve - Seasons Greetings from Panduro Hobby) at the store after Christmas.

Maybe the card seems simple, but I happen to like the Nordic style colors red and white, and I have this thing for folded paper stars - so in fact they are just like me :o)    Design paper: Merry Christmas - Christmas Ornaments from Panduro Hobby.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Saw these cards in a Flying Tiger Copenhagen store and could not resist them - flash back to the movie where Bridget Jones and Mr. Darcy appear in their ugly Christmas Sweaters, thought alone makes me smile
Then turning to my company's CEO who was wearing his Christmas sweater his last workday before his Christmas holiday, but when he walked around and said "Merry Christmas" to every employee he was not wearing his sweater. People asked why he wan not wearing it as it was a nicely knit Christmas sweater?

There you have it in print, there are actually some Christmas sweaters that I think look nice, or maybe they have more a winter's theme than a christmassy one. Saw these adds online from the British clothing brand  FATFACE, a brand that I really like and actually saw some cool looking Christmas Sweaters.

Makes me want to re-read The Great Christmas Knit Off by Alexandra Brown and Sybil's wacky Christmas jumpers.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Rudolph's Red Nose

We all know Rudolph as Santa's 9th reindeer - But how did he get his red nose?

Sometimes you find an answer to in question to be right in front of you in the company of merry friends and beer.

Dancer or Prancer or Comet or Cupid or.....??? He had no time to reveal which one he is, but was busy taking a closer look on Rudolph's Christmas beer from the Danish Brewery, Nibe Bryghus.

Rudolph (in Danish: Rudolph) is the center of attention albeit a little shy.

Great detail - surely the bottle cap had to be red.... So is the answer really that he had a little of his own beer making him merry and his nose red?

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Espresso House Christmas 2016

Espresso House are expanding all over Denmark - or rather the Baresso coffee house chain has the same owners as Espresso House, and they have decided  to focus on the Espresso House brand so signs are being replaced.                     

It is cold outside, so decided to stop by for a holiday flavored hot beverage. The cup sleeve seemed to be hiding joyful holiday cup decoration, so almost like opening a present when removing the sleeve after the last sip of the beverage was enjoyed.

The warmly dressed animals on the cup made me smile. Apparently not sold a ceramic cup which I think they could sell a lot of.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Upcycled Gift Wrap

OK I will admit it. I am one of those persons salvaging potential gift wrap items, old Christmas cards etc.  when people are just about to throw them out. "Can I have it if you are throwing it out anyway?"
But if the item could get a second purpose - why not as it will also save ressources. Wonder if they think I am a horder, with a department just filled up with old stuff? Well there is a big box in my basement storage room with items to be re-used.

In this case it was the red bag, that used to hold a bottle of red wine - used only once without a scratch.

Fröbel stars - love them - almost like a signature - friends know that these folded stars are amongst my favorites.


The bottle was a present at a housewarming I went to today - For odd reason I did not think about adding miniature foldet stars to the red bottle bag, but focused on adding the stars to the bottle - should have done that. Yes it is a see-through wine bag, but should have added stars on the outside too. But maybe next time, as have one more salvaged red paper wine bag.

Sunday, December 4, 2016