Thursday, January 30, 2014

Annette Fredskov

Why would somebody run 366 marathons in 365 days? I heard about the project before it took off in 2012 and was a bit awed by the idea. WHY?! would somebody ask again..... well because this Danish lady decided after down-period, that the MS diagnosis was a bump in her path that still had things to offer. Well with the support of her family she actually did it. 

The MS relates to me and I once had the dream to complete a marathon in my running shoes only to get stopped by a bad injury at a time where I could almost smell the finishing line in a marathon. Since that injury I have been an official at the Copenhagen Marathon a few times... if I can not run it, I can still be a part of it by giving a helping hand to the event.

She published a book about the challenge just 3 months after she ran the 366th marathon. I recently bought it and read it in just two days. Being an ex-runner I was so curious to find out, how she managed to have faith in her own project and accomplish her goal. Even though I knew the ending I was still fascinated by the book.

Yesterday I went to a lecture organized by the Danish MS Society. Maybe I should not have done it seen with practical eyes, as it was a little outside Copenhagen and knew I would be home late only having to get up early again this morning as work would be calling, but I am glad that I took the time to go anyway. 

She oozes with positive thinking and is  ready to find herself a new challenge - already having a long list of possible challenges that she might pursue. Her project inspired a lot of people to pursue their individual goals by participating in the marathons she hosted and it is awesome to read some of their words about the project in her book. Her project might be extreme, but the message is clear: follow your dream even though it might seem impossible. She also acknowledges that somethings might be in the way of reaching that goal besides your own will and ability so it is not all black/white. If you set a goal, divide that into sub-goals making it "closer" to you than the real goal that might seem very far away.

Some people turn to self-help books when they meet obstacles in their lives, but I believe that they should rather read a few books by people, that have done the impossible to get some positive energy and find out how they themselves could find/use their positive energy. 

Me I am just glad that I could read a book about an accomplishment like that :o)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Something Usefull and Returning to a Challenge

The past year had it's up and downs, and looking at the first 27 days of 2014 it has been a bit of a bumper ride already draining me from energy. Need to turn the clock back to mid December, where I saw a collection add from the Danish chapter of Red Cross that led to a decision, that I pursued some weeks ago.

Back in December I supported the Give-A-Heart (Giv et hjerte) campaign, with a text message (SMS) donating 50 DKK (little less than 10$) collected for a Christmas box to Danish families in need for help to afford just a little extra for Christmas. It was also supported by the pattern of a ...... weaved heart... with the Red Cross logo.

Already back then I saw the opportunity to pursue my own personal challenge of weaving 366 hearts - my goal of doing it in 366 days is much overdo, but I need to do it for me. So here you have it, the first heart of almost 50 more to come, and a few more also await publishing on my weaved heart blog that will get back into action again.

2013 was much about the Sailing Sclerosis project, but I also need to focus on other things in case I do not get a spot on the boat. The Red Cross heart has also lead to another thing: A couple of weeks ago I was at a introducion meeting for future/possible volunteers. If I get accepted to the support group, that I want to join it actually involves some crafty thing, that I am sort of already doing.... and I have previous supported various caused doing a little crafty work, so why not go further. If I get accepted I will reveal later how I am supporting the Red Cross.

Monday, January 6, 2014

November Tea Swap 2013 - Part 2

Anything but a card and Christmas, those were the words from Fran when challenging us to participate in the November Tea Swap, and this is what Mary Sent me:

Just look at this little handpainted bird on the dish mat :o)

The busy box contained two sachets of caffeine free peppermint tea - the erie moment when opening Mary's swap was, that I did it while watching the tv movie "The Chrtismas Pagent" where the main character can not live without her peppermint tea.....

Thanks for the creative swap Mary :o)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Precious Santa

Ever brosed through a magazine and thought "I WANT ONE LIKE THAT!" when you flipped to a page with new products, in an article or similar?? Well I've done that lots of times, saved the clippings with the wish "maybe some day" and pinned it on my noteboard.

This past November, it was this clipping that caught my attention:

Kay Bojesen had in the 1940s made a wooden Santa in his shop/factory in Copenhagen (that shop does not exist anymore, but it was a short walk from my house) and a lot of lucky children that visited his shop back then could be lucky and walk home with a wooden Santa. In 2013 they relaunched/reproduced the Santa to many's surprise as only a few remember the original one.

Before Christmas, I knew that I was not going home to my family to celebrate the holiday so I received money to buy a present, that I wanted - of my own choice. Almost enough for the Santa so decided it was my present to me from me too, so chipped in with the remaining amount myself. I can not remember last time I have felt giddy about buying something, like I was a small kid again getting the best thing on the wishlist - but that is how I felt :o) ... and really is that not, what Christmas is all about? 
Well that is the last of Christmas 2013 from me - will return later this year when Christmas 2014 is closer with more Christmas stuff - but until then returning to other topics :o)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Is There Anything Better Than Opening a New Book?

.... and that goes even though some of the contents are familiar, but ordered via Amazon immediately when I found out that it was released.

Written by Judith from the blog Peace Be With You that I started following soon after I began blogging . She has taken down the haiku poems that she has written on the blog, so I was thrilled to find out, that she included Looking for Answers and Ragdoll - both of them caught my eye immediately when I first read them. It can be hard to pick favourites as a lot of poems speaks for me, when I have a hard time putting words on what is sometimes on one's mind when living with MS.
When your life changes all of a sudden - like getting the diagnosis MS or other ilness that will stay with you for the rest of your life, you can not avoid that your head sometimes spins with various random thoughts. But it can be so hard to put words on the thoughts if others want to know what is going on, want to be there for you or help you though whatever you are going through.
This book does just that - put words on it. One day one poem might relate to you - the next day another. So have not read the book from cover to cover as want to enjoy the poems bit by bit and often returning to some poems if they speak for me on a particular day.
How do you say thank you to somebody who writes like this - well I send Judith one of my Christmas cards every year with holiday wishes and a thank you.
Once again: Judith - Thank you for sharing your poems with us!!!