Sunday, April 27, 2014


I am tired and looking back on a long weekend with yarn bombing and a lot of inspiring knitters - I feel like knitting something crazy, but at the same time my mind is simply overloaded with impressions.

Something bright and yellow now catches the attention on passers-by on a Copenhagen street :o)

What do I eye up in that window - it seems familiar

OK, they had challenged me to do something about that window, that had a mesh in front of the glass .... there was however a big "but...." It was high up and that mesh required a curved needled, that I have never tried using before. Question: How do I create the image without climbing the ladder and using the required needle? 

Since the event was about creating something from knitted patches it became obvious to me, that each embroidered stitch should be replaced by a mini knittet patch. Result: 112 patches, that need to be sewn together.

So here he is, looking a little lonely up there, but able to eye the other colorful creations from his spot.

Boring dumpster shed in front of the local library with what a passers-by called "a sweater" )the colors had immediately caught her attention). The piece to the left was installed yesterday, and today it was secured with some extra wires as a remark on the internet said "I need a nice baby rug"......

Piecing it together like a puzzle

Happy face piece created by Fiber Poems - the creator actually had a bigger smile than her piece of work at the end of the day. She had been one of the organizers behind this yarn bombing event. The local community has said that it will remain until September 1st, unless it gets vandalized or stolen..... until then people can enjoy the sighs of these colorful works.


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