Saturday, October 25, 2014

Beat Cancer - Knæk Kræften

There is a big Danish beat cancer campaign, Knæk Cancer, going on at the moment - and the intense coverage culminating in a big galla TV-show tomorrow has made some MSers angry in a Facebook Forum. Especially one lade was really agressive and would not tolerate that other MSers thinks it is OK for the campaign to take so much space on TV, social media etc.

If people commented on her post and did not agree with her she commented like a little stubborn child "For the 4th time.......!" really talking down to people. It an open forum, not even her personal profile page, so you should be prepared to face opinions not matching yours. But her tone and language really made me upset - luckily there is a function where you can blog post by a specific person so for the second time I used it (first time was to block a spammer)...... and she kept on saying "What about my MS?!"

Fact is that more people here have suffered from some kind of cancer and the cancer causes more deaths than MS ... sure MS could use more attention, but I am not offended by the massive Knæk Cancer campaign and realized just this morning that a lot of the coverage was just noise in the background on my TV. Others need repetition if their attention is to be caught.

Background noise or not - I believe that cancer research is very important as cancer has shown it's ugly face in my family on several occasions and amongst friends and I do not consider it to be less important than MS, just because I suffer from MS myself and not cancer.

So did the Knæk Cancer have no effect on me? Sure it did - I have supported it both via SMS donations and buying the two pins with the campaigns logo - wanted them last year but the 125.000 pins were sold out in a hurry, but this year I managed to by them. The flower symbolizes life and optimism and the exclamation mark that it is time to act.

Pins supporting various causes that relates to disease etc

P.S. Pins at my place are not placed on clothes, but used all year long as pins on my note board as a reminder that the causes always needs attention.

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Birdie said...

Couldn't agree more with you on all points. Lovely use for those pins as well :)