Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015

During 2014 I have felt somewhat like a wooden puppet where I was not in charge of controlling the things that happened - like somebody else what the puppeteer of my life. Being treated to the best experience of my life (so far) going sailing for 5+ weeks, holiday in Florida, an MS attack and permanent conditions caused by the MS.... the list goes on - but that is life.

Pinnocchio in the photo was purchased on the local market in La Rochelle, France - a city I visited while being on board the S/Y Oceans of Hope. He is one of those items that I have purchased seconds after spotting them as I simply had to own him - did not haggle about the price (15€) as thought that was a bargain for something that just screamed my name. He reminds me of so many things: Disneys Christmas Show aired every year, a company Christmas party with an Italian theme where musicians were playing the Bella Notte song (Lady and the Tramp's entry in the Disneys Christmas show) and a lot of us started to sing Pinnochio's song "I've Got No Strings" when the musicians had played the last note of their song.... so many more things pops into my mind and makes me smile.

The market booth were I found him had him in 3 different sizes and I purchased the smallest one. I wonder what Pinocchio means to the French as the story is originally Italian? Strings.... ropes..... sailing - hmmmm just occurred to me, that sailors are a kind of puppeteers trying to navigate the ship via ropes and sails to make the best of the weather conditions... ahhh the infamous wandering mind at play now.

I am posting this when the bell of the Copenhagen Townhall strikes midnight - ringing in the new year. Albeit the world become more and more alike - I mean you find H&M, MacDonalds, Starbucks etc. all over the world - we still have the different times zones making us a bit different due to geography - happy that something never changes - and still happy to welcome a new year and a new beginning.

Happy New Year

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Birdie said...

What a great reminder of your adventure and happy times in your life. Wishing you the happiest of the new year and a healthy 2015.