Monday, January 5, 2015

Knit-Lit Books

Knit-Lit - Read a lot of those the past years and still reading while my collection of them are growing. In 2014, 6 of them did not get a review on this blog though I did read them but the MS threw me of track for a while. Where a lot of knitters carry one of their projects in their bags at all times, I always carry a book - occasionally also a knitting project - perfect way of killing time during transport, waiting in line-ups etc. and one can often spot the envy in other people's eyes "Why didn't I think of that?!"

Murder in Merino by Sally Goldenbaum
The town's visitor Julia Ainsley quikly becomes a person of interest when a note with her contact details are found in the pocket's of a murdered citizen. Izzy Chambers and friends wants to find out if Julia is hiding something, as she is not only a murder suspect but extremely interested in becoming the owner of Izzy's cottage where the body is discovered in the backyard.

The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society by Beth Pattilo 

Welcome to the southern city Sweetgum, Tennessee where we find the Sweetgum Knit Lit Society - yes a knitting and knit lit society - where classic novels of childhood are read and discussed monthly while knitting. The selected book of the month is also the theme of the knitting of the month. The librarian Eugenie makes a troubled teenager, Hannah, join the group the make amends for bad behavior and hopefully be absorbed by the joy of knitting and books instead. What would you do if you are suddenly face to face with a person you were in love with after lots of years has past since then?

The Sweetgum Ladies Knit for Love by Beth Pattilo
We are back in Sweetgum, where Camille is struggling with rumors about her person and marriage - stress full when being a pastor's wife in a small city. The monthly reading theme is now great love stories in literature and some of the women in the Knit Lit Society are challenged in various ways with their love life.

Silence of the Lambs Wool by Betty Hechtman
"Sheep to Shawl" is the theme of Casey's latest yarn retreat and she is soon whirled into another murder mystery as the booked teacher, Nicole Welton, is found dead just as the class is about to start. The venue of the yarn retreat, Vista Del Mar, is going retro so new connect-to-the-world gadgets like laptops, mobile phones etc. can not work there along with manger Kevin St. John's continuous attempt to take over the formal planning of the yarn retreats - this gives Casey lots to think about while finding out who did it.

Spinning in her Grave by Molly MacRae
A lot of spinners gather for the annual historic festival of Sweet Plum making the Thank God It's Fiber group very busy with various projects. The Weaver's Cat becomes a crime scene during the reenactment when Reva Louise Snap is killed - a lot of people seems to have had a grudge with her making the mystery of her death very dangerous.

Plagued by Quilt by Molly MacRae
Kath Ruthledge is doing a workshop at the Holston Homeplace Living History Farm when bones are discovered in an archaeological dig - soon to be followed by a murder. She comes across the name Geneva - could it unravel something about her ghost's past or is it mere coincidence? The Spivey twins assist at the work shop's quilting lessons introducing Kath to a plagued quilt, that the Spivey's and Kath's ancestors made 100+ years ago - Kath gets a vibe when touching the quilt making her more eager to discover the true story told with the quilt.

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