Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Color Purple

It sounds like the title of a book or a movie, but it is the color of a skein of yarn I recently used when knitting.

Pattern for the baby hats can be found here

Somehow various charity requests for knitted hats catches my attentin so when a colleague had a Facebook post for knitted purple baby hats I wondered if my yarn stash had something purple at all - I am trying not to buy more yarn until I have used a lot of my stash so my contribution depended on past purchases. I had one skein and no idea why it was purchased in the first place.

The London Health Science Centre in Canada are asking for newborn baby hats (since 2011), and my colleague wanted to bring some with her to Canada when she went home for a visit - she is a knitter too but did not know if she herself could make some hats before the departure. "The period of PURPLE is something that many babies experience and is characterized often by periods of inconsolable crying".


I use knitting as exercise for my MS that is impacting the use of my right hand and it feels good that my personal training can contribute to charity projects, where knitting is needed. It takes to the level beyond exercise into something that others can benefit from too.

If you live in Canada, you will know that a lot of people might be needing warm hats etc. as they can not afford to buy some. I therefore encourage you to go over to Karen's blog, where she launches the TAKE IT IF YOU NEED IT to get people to knit and leave knitted items such as hats, mittens  scarves in public for a needing person to pick it up - and if you can not knit perhaps get some from the Dollar Store etc. and leave it in public.

Yes, it is the same magnet and ..... No, I did not shrink the baby hats. I had some leftover yarn, not quite enough for a fourth baby hat but enough for two mini-hats. They are knitted for a Danish charity collection - but that is a completely different blogpost.... next year,


Birdie said...

Those hats are so sweet. Bonus that it becomes more than exercise for you because they are something that will always be cherished. I never knew that about "purple" periods for babies. Interesting.

Karen said...

Hi Anne,

A small world isn't it? Does your colleague live in London? I have knitted a few hats for the LHSC chemo department as well.

We got our first snow today, so I am taking my hats out and about the city later this week.