Saturday, December 10, 2016

Upcycled Gift Wrap

OK I will admit it. I am one of those persons salvaging potential gift wrap items, old Christmas cards etc.  when people are just about to throw them out. "Can I have it if you are throwing it out anyway?"
But if the item could get a second purpose - why not as it will also save ressources. Wonder if they think I am a horder, with a department just filled up with old stuff? Well there is a big box in my basement storage room with items to be re-used.

In this case it was the red bag, that used to hold a bottle of red wine - used only once without a scratch.

Fröbel stars - love them - almost like a signature - friends know that these folded stars are amongst my favorites.


The bottle was a present at a housewarming I went to today - For odd reason I did not think about adding miniature foldet stars to the red bottle bag, but focused on adding the stars to the bottle - should have done that. Yes it is a see-through wine bag, but should have added stars on the outside too. But maybe next time, as have one more salvaged red paper wine bag.

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Birdie said...

You are Queen of the folds and Queen of the repurpose! Love your stars.