Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I Just Spent a Year With the Gilmore Girls

I just spent a year with the Gilmore Girls..... well just a night watching the 4 new episodes back to back on NETFLIX ..... well years if you count all the episodes from the original series which I watched on TV and later on DVD..... Yes I am a fan.

I have had it marked on MY LIST for a long time on NETFLIX - I will admit it: was a big anxious about if I would like this sequel or not. Well I enjoyed it... it is obvious that it has been years since we left them in Stars Hollow, but returning was just like coming home :o)

A year ago, I stumbled across Entertainment Weekly in an airport news store with the girls on the cover - excellent read when spending hours on a plane home across the Atlantic. Think it is cool, that a lot of book lovers have taken the Rory Gilmore reading challenge (she reads 340 books during the original series) - and even more cool, that we see Lorelei reading "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed which I read last year....

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