Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 2012 Tea Swap - Part 1

At this month at Fran's tea swap, Mary is my partner:

A little bit scary, that Mary chose a Halloween theme, and that it arrived the day after Time wrote an article about Halloween the Danish way -  Halloween is actually not a traditional Danish tradition :o) But even before the Danes started doing Halloween, I had always been fascinated by the Pumpkin Jacks and decorations. The texture of the card's front makes the image "pop out".

The inside of the card held two BIGELOW teabags, that I can not wait to brew - know the spiced chai from previous swaps (yum!) and looking forward to try the raspberry flavour... spotting the spider I smile - if one of my former colleagues had opened this card, she would have screamed and thrown the card away as she is scared of anything reminding her of spiders.

Got an additional crafty treat from Mary - think I have to find some orange tic-tacs and fill up the glass tubes and place on my desk at work.
Thanks Mary for your creative treats :o)

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So neat to see would look good