Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crafts Fair 2012

Almost two months ago, the annual Crafts Fair was held in Copenhagen - saw the artists that WOWed me last year and encountered two new ones, that I found very interesting. Had not plan to visit the fair the day I ended up doing it, so did not bring my camera, but follow the links and you will se examples of theit art.
There was a bag, that I really loved (still on the lookout for a replacement of the bag that was ruined when I had the accident this summer) - but unfortunately there is a BUT - the handles were made of something that resembles a bicycle tire......
Ceramics with a photographic twist. Loving photography these pieces of art were a breath of fresh air - was tempted to buy a few of them. But let's face it - until I get a bigger appartment, I really should not be buying too much new stuff, unless I get rid of something first.

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Karen said...

I enjoy going to craft fairs, but I am always tempted to buy something I just don't need!