Saturday, March 30, 2013

A French Affair

How would you react, if a family member left you her antique stall?
This is exactly what happens to Gina and Sally Makepiece in Katie Fforde’s latest novel, A French Affair. When their aunt Rainey leaves them her stall at the French House. The owner of French House, Matthew Ballinger, was a friend of Rainey, so one of her wishes is that they work together with him to continue her calling in the antiques world.

Learning how to spot junk from the real thing. How to make a deal with a customer? Can fellow antiques dealers be trusted when offering you help? Can some of the junk be transformed into beautiful pieces sold other places than at an antique market?

Again a good read from Katie Fforde, and just after finishing it, it realised that I was looking at things at a local fleamarket / antiques market, not buying anything but feeling almost as if I was inside the book.

Feeling a bit like Rory Gilmore from Gillmore Girls, since I almost never leave my appartment without a book - any waiting or travel time is used reading those pages. Maybe you have seen me in a long waiting line at the immigration in foreign countries' airports? I will be easy to spot, as I most of the time start reading while the queue ahead of me is slowly getting shorter. Amazing how time can fly by when you are in good company of a a book :o)

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