Friday, March 29, 2013

Les Misérables - Revisited

If you think that you are going to see an action movie, since the movie is starring actors like Russel Crowe (Gladitor) and Hugh Jackman (The X-men movies and Wolverine), Les Misérables should not be your choice. If you can not stand a man singing, when his friends have just been killed, Les Misérables is not the right choice. If you think that the commercials reminding you to switch off mobile phones are necessary, but you and your spouse keeps talking loud during Les Misérables, you should not have chosen to see it at the cinema.
Les Misérables, once again adapted into a movie - this time based on the musical version, so yes this is almost three hours of famous actors singing throughout the movie. I have seen the musical both in London and in Copenhagen so could not wait to see the new version that recently won three OSCARs but it is annoying when people are complaining loudly while watching the movie - some of them walked out during the movie, as they clearly had not realised that it was a musical.
Don't you read what the movie is about or watch the trailer before paying money to watch a movie at the cinema. Ok, I used cinema points to see the movie (free ticket), but for me that is almost like spending money so I still want to know in advance what type of movie to expect. I liked the movie and was also thrilled about some of the eye candy in the movie - if you like the Les Misérables musical, this is definately one to see. What to expect - well the trailer is here.


Maria :) said...

I saw the movie the other day and really liked it :)

Anne-Marie said...

I saw the very first performance on stage, 27 years ago, and again, 4 years the book when I was 15, and recently re-read. I also saw the new film version and was completely enthralled! My granddaughter gave me the soundtrack on CD for Mothers Day....I am in love with Russell Crowe's rendition of "Stars"....what a fantastic voice....makes me cry, each and every time. Have you read any of Victor Hugo's poetry? Some is hard work, but some of it is wonderful....also read his Hunchback of Notre Dame when I was 13....awesome!