Sunday, April 14, 2013


A Norwegian man, Thor Heyerdahl, decided in 1947 that he would prove, that South Americans were the first settlers and not Asians, as it was commonly believed.
What seemed to be absurd was the way he was going to prove it. He gathered 5 other Scandinavians to go with him on a raft, built as they would have done it 1500 years ago - thus depending on Mother Nature to bring the raft from Peru to Polynesia... 101 days it would take him to reach the goal.
Only with radio communication and a kamera as the only modern things onboard, not comprimising the mission to sail without modern technology, he passed the Pacific... when he published a book, many thought it might be science fiction, but his Oscar awarded documentary about the journey on the Kon-Tike blew people away.
Still to this day, the accomplisment is amazing and beautifully captured in this movie. No wonder it was nominated to an Oscar for best foreign movie.

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