Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Basic Knitting

One of the local nightschools offered a knitting course less than a mile from where I live, taught by a creative knitter, who often get published in Danish magazines with her knitting a crochet patterns, Stine Hoelgaard Johansen.
I knew the basics: stich, purl, cast on and cast off - other things I have dabbled with but not mastered. Well I just took her four sessions to change all that. Her inspiring way of teaching you various techniques is mindblowing - you can actually start learning to knit from basics and then end up doing cable knitting and other patters, that I once thought to be incredibly difficult to understand

Well the following photos shows you my attempts at two of the newly learned techniques:

Cable stitch
Seaman's pattern

Some of us have opted for 3 extra sessions to learn more - the price for those sessions is a bargain compaired to what we learn, so tonight is the last of the extra knitting night.

In through the front door - running round the back - peeping through the window  - off comes Jack! (Kitting rhyme)

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Birdie said...

I think I need those classes. Great work on both!