Monday, November 25, 2013

Bazaar at the Swedish Church

For years I have wanted to visit the Swedish Church's Christmas bazaar - and this year I finally did it.
The truth is - that I actually got really dissapointed. They had run out of a Swedish traditional drink, that I had really hoped to taste and there really was not anything new that dazzled me. I was hoping to see something a little more Swedish - or was something Swedish present without me realising, Our Christmas traditions in Scandinavia are shared/mixed, so we have adapted a lot of Swedish decoration and them a lot of ours.
For instance, they sold something with weaved hearts motifs, and that tradition is originally Danish.... the list with similar findings going both ways could be really long if lifting them. Has the presence of internet and worldwide shipping made the traditions less local as they are easily shared? Leaving us with not many surprises when it comes to various countries' traditions?
Now I can at least claim, that I finally visited the bazaar - but future visits: I think not.


Karen said...

I hate to be disappointed when looking so forward to something :(

Birdie said...

Good question and I think, at least here, commercial value ranks higher than tradition as most bazaars.