Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bon Voyage!!

Today was a happy and emotional day. Lots of tears were shed today - those out of joy and excitement - at the Copenhagen Harbor. It is a dream come true, a boat that has MS crew members on board and will sail with changing MS crew members around the world. A dream that originated in an MS doctor's idea to spread the joy of sailing amongst MSers - an idea he pursued and could witness coming true today as he, the boat and crew left Copenhagen today.

Oceans of Hope - fitting name for the boat who is going to be greeted by MSers around the world and hopefully inspire them to go sailing too - perhaps not on a tour around the world, but hopefully they will connect/reconnect with the joy on being on a sailboat just feeling alive and get wind in the hair.

Seven spectators to this departure (including myself) were filled with a different kind of joy than the remaining of the spectators. We have all been selected to sail with this boat in the near future, so all of us are counting down to an experience/adventure that started as a wish/dream 1½ year ago..... knowing that lots of other MSers will get the opportunity to sail with this boat the next 1½ year makes the feeling even stronger.


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Wohooooooo so happy for you Anne

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Yay! What a concept, sailing