Monday, June 2, 2014

May 2014 Tea Swap - Part 1

When you have participated in Fran's teawap for a long time it is inevitable that you get paired up with someone you have swapped with before. But that is nice and it underlines that we want to come back again and again to participate in her swaps. Jayne was assigned once more and this is her interpretation of this months theme: a bookmark.

Like how she used cut-outs as a dark silhouette as if the paper cut itself is ready to tell a story

The swap also contained these two teasamples, but for once I will not taste them. Being allergic it is super important to read the small letters so I do not end up getting really sick from drinking tea ... the no-go in this case was banana which is hard as I used to love eating bananas.

Well my swap is still enroute to Jayne, so hope she likes it :)

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Birdie said...

Lovely bookmark, the silhouette look is well done. True about reading those labels and happy you caught what could have made you ill. Can't have that with your up coming adventure.