Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Quiet Water

Really cold today, but got to spend a couple of hours outside taking some photographs. Actually in my work hours as my job asked me if I would be interested in helping taking some photos for internal publications - how could I possible resist that request :) Lots of photos taken hoping that just a few of them will come out OK and to be used. As you know - I am just an amateur photographer who loves to be challenged with a camera.

In my mind I silently added some bonus to today's task:
  • First time in a long time that I have been able to spend some hours with a camera in my hand
  • Enjoying day outside in the sun with no clouds to be seen
  • Most importantly: being close to the water that always have a positive effect on my thoughts and usually brings forth the smile on my face


Birdie said...

I never think of you as an amateur! How nice to have a job that allows you outside time and I'm betting you did well with the "assignment."

Cole Meyer said...

Lovely photo. You may consider yourself an amateur, but I know some "pros" who you put to shame! Don't get frost bite out there!!!