Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Cards 2015

Merry Christmas everybody :o)

Time to show and tell about the Christmas cards that I created this year and sent to family and friends. I did blog partly about the process in January, when I made some initial preparations but let it untouched until November when the cards started to take form.

The Christmas tree is from a Christmas card that I decided to recycle (one of the vast numbers of Christmas cards that was sent to the company where I work and would just have ended up in the paper recycling bin) - cut out with the TREE, CHRISTMAS #2 Sizzix die that I got for my birthday last year. The red back background is made with a Sizzix embossing folder (can not remember the name) as I had several feelings when I found the folder: Sun sparks? Snow storm? Movement? The impression leaves a feeling of a nature's background.

Cutting out the trees carefully, the patters from the original card could be used a tree decorations - it took a few cuts until I realized the effect and after that every tree was cut out with most possible details in mind.

Soon I will collecting Christmas cards again for recycling, and I have some other dies that I can use to cut out Christmas themes - but if I will use them in the 2016 edition of my Christmas cards remains uncertain until next fall.

One thing I do know is, that I have to have all my cards finished earlier than previous year. From beginning of January our local postal services have decided to double the price of stamps on priority letters (to about 5 USD overseas!!) so sending future Christmas cards as economy letters.

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Birdie said...

I loved mine. You never fail to inspire.
I thought our postal rates were high! Ouch doesn't begin to cover yours.