Monday, December 28, 2015

The Girl on the Train

I am always a bit cautious when I see nothing but great reviews about a book – Will it be so hyped that I will expect too much, only to be disappointed when I put my own eyes on the written word? I put my name on the library waiting list facing months before I can borrow it. Then comes a colleague, with whom I discuss and recommend books: “Read this! Read this” and he let me borrow his copy.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
In the Hitchcock movie Rear Window, Jimmie Stewart was watching tenants in the other building from his apartment sitting in his wheelchair as he has nothing else to do while recovering from an accident.

Change the scenery to a London train, where Rachel on her daily commutes between home and work, passes a house, where a couple lives. She notices the house every day and imagines the names and lives of the couple.

One day Rachel has a fallout with her ex-husband Tomas and his new wife Anna, while being drunk in the same area as the house, she watches from the train. She is so drunk that she has a blackout and therefore a hard time piecing events together afterwards.

It happens to be the same day where Megan is reported missing – the lady from the house she watches. Suddenly she remembers that she has observed something different at the house while passing it and shares it with the police. Sadly, her reputation as a drunk precedes her and she is not being taken seriously as the police discovers that her life is not what people believe it to be.

When I noticed the initial resemblance with one of my favorite Hitchcock movies I was doubted the success of the book. That was until the event of the book sucked me inside so I would not let go of the book until the last page turned.  I totally get the hype about this book. READ IT

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