Sunday, July 3, 2016

Copenhagen Crime

When you love reading crime stories and you live 10 minutes away from the venue, one simply had to go to Copenhagen Crime today - pure heaven for a mystery fan. First of it's kind here in Copenhagen, not going to be the last and since it was the event's premiere it was not too crowded.

Got a few freebie books, good deals on mystery books written by two Danish authors who both signed my new purchases - and they had time to small talk with us readers after they both talked about their latest books. Both seemed happy to talk to some of their readers and both just had the nice easy going, down to earth attitude which added positively to their presence at the crime festival.

Their names are Anna Grue and Julie Hastrup, and have become a fan of their series both by coincidence. One of Anna's book had been left behind by another holiday guest at my US vacation spot and I read it within two days after opening it. I have got two freebie books from Danish magazines handed to me, but took some time before they were on top of my to-be-read pile and turned out to be a nice surprise.

When I wandered around the boots at the festival I realized that I am well up to date with crime writers and books - still books to be read, but I know they exist.

I will surely be a guest again in 2017

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Kim @ stuffcould.... said...

wow I never heard of a crime festival but glad you got to wonder around it. I am not a mystery book person but my sister is.