Saturday, July 2, 2016

Library Event

One of the local libraries in Copenhagen hosted a talk with the Danish journalist Frank Esmann last month - he covered news from the US in end 80s and begining of the 90s on tv and have a vast knowledge about American politics - and his way of presenting it is anything but boring, two hours fly by as was it only 5 minutes.

When you enter the library it feels a little cold and boring despite books being present. Then you walk down a flight of stairs and enter the basement which holds the library's lecture hall. You walk into this cozy room, books everywhere, old fashioned lamp posts - the true atmosphere of a library - pity the upstairs areas does not look like this.

13 years ago I bought his book about American presidents, which I have browsed/read many times and I got it signed - you could sense a bit of pride when I presented an "older" book and asked if he would mind signing it. But if you present a book filled with bookmarks does it not tell somebody that a book is well used?

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