Friday, August 12, 2011

Went To A Crafts Fair And Came Home With A Cat

Okay what just happened? I am not allowed to have a cat in my building and I am away far to often from my appartment to even properly taken care of a small animal ??!!

I challenged the rain and went to the annual Crafts Fair - happy to see that a lot of people had chosen to defeat the rain just like me - large variety of different crafts at 123 stalls and I purchased 2 items - one I will show you another day, because I need to buy something for it's purpose.

Look at these wonderful stoneware frogs - I took the picture with the designer's permission (the designer does not have a homepage to show more of these) as I am going to show this to a friend who is absolutely crazy about frogs, and she already have two stoneware animals in her garden, so this will be very tempting for her. Wished I had a garden, where I could place one of these - and they sadly won't fit into my little appartment. The designer is Ragnhild Dalsgaard Pedersen and love the way she displayed her wonderful frogs at the fair.

Ohh I mentioned a cat, didn't I? Ok ladies, meet Miss Kitty :o)

The Danish word "mis" translates to pussycat, so with that adorable face she easily inspired the name Miss Kitty - and see, she has already conquered her place on my couch. She is soft, always seems happy and can help keep one warm :o) I could not resist that little lady when I saw her at Signe Emdal's stall.


Anne-Marie said...

Now, that's the kinda cat I like....stays where you can see her...doesn't need feeding....doesn't leave "little surprises"....and you can snuggle her anytime you like....ha!

claire7q said...

Phew! Had me worried for a minute there! Although you are welcome on my Couch-craft anyday ;)

Birdie said...

Who doesn't love a kitty to cuddle?
Was thinking put a long strap on it and would make adorable purse too.