Friday, November 2, 2012

Cupcake Heaven

Just turning pages in that magazine makes my fingers itch to make some cupcakes... some of them are really mouth watering to look at... but here is the funny thing about me and cakes.... the might look scrumptious and tempt me.... but I can never eat much cake.

For me, most of it is the actual process making a cake/cookie... and sometimes friends persuade me to bake for them..... next year I am going a little further as has signed up for some classes :o)


Karen said...

I have 4 cupcake cookbooks, all with these fancy type toppings. I haven't made one. LOL I do like to look at them.

Anne-Marie said...

Feel free to send me your left-overs...hahaa! Looks like the kind of book that my Gillian would adore....and I'm her chief tester..ha!