Sunday, November 25, 2012

November Tea Swap - Part 2

Living in Denmark and loving snow, a lot of winters are actually dissapointing as we do not get much snow despite being a country of the north - when we do get it, we get lots of it.
However white frost (rime) is very common and can make a lot of things look stunning. Wonder if Merle knew that, when she sent me the November swap? Just look at that edge of the papers.... getting the frosty feeling, ehh??
Second tag makes me think of some of those red Christmas flowers available - here framed by that frosty feel again..... Learned something new today, never thought of Hawaii getting any snow at all, being situated in the Pacific Ocean, but some online news articles proved me wrong as some of the islands high peaks does get snow.... my little winter universe just got improved with that new knowledge.

Tea from the Hawaiian Islands Tea Company - one of them a new flavor for me: strawberry lychee, looking forward to taste as lychee tea is not new to me, but this combo is.
Merle, thanks for being my swap partner in November:o)

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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I am surprised that yall do not get much snow...many years. nice tea swap