Sunday, June 9, 2013

International Yarn Bombing Day

Yarn Bombing - Strikke Graffiti - Ullargraf
Today was International Yarn Bombing Day - at the same time also World Wide Knit in Public Day in Denmark - so the culture house Nordatlantens Brygge hosted a workshop with Gitte Skovmand and Eva Holm as organizers.
Creations placed on a table at random by a fellow participant. 


Meet the camping wagon, Bente fra Kommunen - the yarn bombed cover was a huge inspiration to all of us - Gitte and Eva bring it with them to their workshops - the cover is one big piece, that they can easily remove while driving on the road as it is fragile to wear and tear plus the weather.

While most of them knitted and crocheted away, I eyed a nearby garbage bin - they did tell us to "attack" what was just ouside the culture house. My inspiration came from a photo I have seen on pinterest, and had actually thought of doing some knitting/crochet patches with the Pac Man ghosts, but when I eyed the carbage bin, I immediately saw the pattern in the bin as potential embroidery "fabric" - and none of the others had decided to do something there. I did the embroidery on Mrs Ghost, and Nanna did the skirt.

Amongst all the knit and crochet, Mrs. Ghost needed company - hence introducing Mr. Ghost.

Arigumi is popular - just look at this cat after the mouse creation, that one of the other ladies created :o)
I think I was the youngest participant at this event - and the oldest was in her 70s - we all had fun creating the street art in a place were we were allowed to do it. Others regard this as vandalism, but onlike (spray)painted or glued items, this type of street art does not vandalise the item it is attached to, as it merely takes a pair of scissors to remove it. A lot of people on Sunday walks/ tourists passed us, while we were making it - generating a lot of smiles and snap photos shot :o)

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