Sunday, June 2, 2013

Inferno - Mile High Book Club

The 4th Dan Brown book about Robert Langdon

Where do you see people side by side, reading the same book? But there is a twist: We are talking people of different nationalities and in different languages? On an long haul flight from Shanghai to Europe and none of us readers realizing until a flight attendant bursted out "That's got to be a good book!" and then counting number of book covers.... I wonder if there were more people on the plane reading it?
Like a friend suggested: A Mile High Book Club :o)
"Seek and You Shall Find"
Robert Langdon needs to find out, how he ended up wounded in an Italian hospital with amnesia - What has Dante's "Inferno" got to do with it all? Why is he being chased? And what is he sorry for?
Once again Langdon brings us into the world of signs and symbols while running around in Renaissance Florence (Firenze) with clues and signs relating to Dante's famous "Inferno" leading the search for a truth - but which truth? He is aided by Dr. Sienna Brooks in his search, who has a great knowledge of a lot of things and can therefore keep a very interesting conversation going with him in the pursuit.
The passenger next to me on the plane had just started reading the book and quickly declared "Now that's one doctor I wanna meet!" - stating that it was both the extreme IQ and looks that made her very interesting. I had already started reading the book before traveling, so the other readers quickly told me not to reveal anything with a smile. But then I had the chance to observe their facial expressions while the truth unraveled before their eyes - their expressions revealed exactly how much they had read of the book.
Amazing how one book can bring a group of different people together at a random place.

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