Wednesday, December 25, 2013

November Tea Swap 2013 - Part 1

Merry Christmas!!
Had originally planned to post this a couple of days ago, but apparently it was "odd" that I wanted to access to blogger, facebook and email accounts from Brazil - how can that be odd as that is where I was for a couple of days??!! Yeah yeah etc... so bear with me when the next couple of posts has to do with Christmas, but blame it on above mentioned providers.

November's theme - Christmas and anything but a Card. Wanted to create something, that could both hold the 2 tea samples, but at the same time be a sort of ornament/decorative piece. Nordic Christmas screamed at me, hence the red and white colors only and this time not using the usual snowflake punch but two others, that I have neglected way too long.

Buttom and sides: red paper used here is giftwrapping paper, that I have had in stock since 2005 but almost at the very last of that stock *sigh* I know that there are plenty of nice wrapping paper out there, but this type I have used for soo many purposes: giftwrapping, wrapping/covering of pots before placing poinsettias in them, paper on cards, paperbags etc. Punch is from Martha Stewart.

Inside and top: papers are from Panduro Hobby and again the punch is from Martha Stewart

Tea samples places just before closing the star: Mary requested non-caffeine tea, so I sent her some South African rooibos tea and some PUKKA Night Time tea.

Adding just few extra stars - those are the "base only" of the Fröbel star, as the complete stars would not have survived a voyage in a cardboard envelope, but that is the good thing about that kind of stars: even "just" the base only is soo decorative. A lot of people actually call it the Danish Star, but as the name might hint it is a German envention that we Danes have embraced and some people/sources claim that a larger percentage of Danes can fold this star compared to the Germans. Wonder if that is true? Anyway it is very popular here and we learn how to fold it at a very early age.

Mary, I hope you enjoyed the swap.


Petra said...

Beautiful legs! I love your punches :) you really should use them more often you know. Glad you sent Mary some rook so :) tell her to have it with a teaspoon of honey, it's awesome!

Birdie said...

I'm with Petra Legs, beautiful!

scrapnhawaii said...

WOW!! This is totally awesome!! You are so talented!! I would LOVE to learn how to create this!Beautiful "noncard", Anne!!! :o)