Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Tonight I am going to celebrate New Years with some old friends - in a city north of here, where I spend most of my childhood. It is not going to be a wild party, but one filled with laughter, talk about old days and updates as some of the participants now lives 7800+ km (that's 4800+ miles) from the rest of us.

Those who knows me, are aware that I usually do not show up at an event like that without something for the hostess, so up a litle bit early today to do that extra thing to the box of chocolate, that I will bring to her.

A bit of cardboard, blue vellum, some gift ribon and silver New Year's serpentines - using the Fröbel star idea to create the stary look to make it look and feel like New Year - and I came up with this box sleeve/cover:

Happy New Year


Birdie said...

Pretty cover and tasty gift.
Happy New Year to you as well and your plan sounds like a wonderful way to see in a new year.

Karen said...

Happy New Year Anne!

scrapnhawaii said...

WOW! So beautiful!! Happy New Year, Anne!!!

Cole Meyer said...

What a pretty chocolate sleeve! Hope you had a nice visit! Happy New Year!