Friday, December 6, 2013

Bodil Came...... And She Roared

In fact, she is for the second day still roaring. Bodil is the name of the hurricane, that hit us yesterday - in Sweden his name is Svend and in Germany, Xaver. En lieu of the hurricane, Allan, that hit us October 28th, people had now learned their lesson and left work early as everything got suspended yesterday afternoon/night.

She is still causing havoc and water is now flooding several areas, where people have been evacuated from their homes. A lot of places the tide is unusual high - below pictures are captured with my phone's camera in Copenhagen Harbour during my lunchbreak - some places the tide has broken records. Water is less than one foot from the harbour berth and the photos will give you an idea just how unusual this waterlevel is.



Birdie said...

Impressive storm and photos. Stay safe!

Nancy said...

OMG! Be safe. Here it is single digit cold.

Carmen said...

Oh my goodness!! That looks horrible! Hope everyone is okay!