Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Dark and Stormy Knit

In the middle of the night, somebody decorates all the parking meters on Plum Harbour's Main Street with knitted cat covers - a yarn bombing attack where the Knit Kats becomes prime suspects. But who are the Knit Kats?

A body is found wrapped in stiched - yarn covered - and everything points in the direction of the Knit Kats. Everything gets a lot closer to the Black Sheep knitters, as Phoebe, Maggie's assistant, is identified as a Knit Kat and suddenly becomes one of the police's suspects.

" could be charged with interfering with the investigation" ..... ."And defacing public property...and littering"

Defacing public property and littering??!! Seriously? That type of "grafiti" is so harmles, as knitting will hardly ruin anything it is attached to - if wet it will often get misshaped so it looses it's purpose, and you can easily cut it off with scissors without the property it is attached to getting damaged... What it will most likely do is create smiles on people's faces when they discover that a known thing(property) is suddenly covered with colorful yarn that is easily removed again.

I have only participated in yarn bombing once - not cloak and dagger - but a public event, where we were encouraged to decorate an area of Copenhagen, and I remember all the smiles on walking passers-by when they saw our work. I have also encountered random yarn bombing while walking the streets of Copenhagen and none of these were ruining the object they were attached to. So vandalism??!!

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