Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year - Welcome Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to Year of the Horse

Did you know, that the Chinese call it Spring Festival and not Chinese New Year? Well I knew and have confused a lot of my colleagues by calling it Spring Festival until they read this. Yes, you are right: I am not Chinese, but I have experienced the festival in China some years back and I have friends from Asia.

A quick search to get a little inspiration brought me to Ann Wood's paper horses where she shares the patterns used for her many wonderful horses - did not take long to decide, that they should be an interpretation of her horses using gold gift wrapping paper on cardboard instead of paint and brads instead of buttons.

Decided to make a little extra decoration for this month's Friday bar - usually we have only used themes at Halloween - and since this once was on Chinese New Year we opted for some Asian beer as this month's special beer: TIGER BEER and TSINGTAO.

Along with fortune cookies from a local Chinese grocery shop, we decorated with these horses and the sign for the horse - found some golden cardboard to make the signs and a few of the horses.


Birdie said...

Very creative. A good time was had by all?

Karen said...

Hope you had a lovely time and creative as always too.