Thursday, January 30, 2014

Annette Fredskov

Why would somebody run 366 marathons in 365 days? I heard about the project before it took off in 2012 and was a bit awed by the idea. WHY?! would somebody ask again..... well because this Danish lady decided after down-period, that the MS diagnosis was a bump in her path that still had things to offer. Well with the support of her family she actually did it. 

The MS relates to me and I once had the dream to complete a marathon in my running shoes only to get stopped by a bad injury at a time where I could almost smell the finishing line in a marathon. Since that injury I have been an official at the Copenhagen Marathon a few times... if I can not run it, I can still be a part of it by giving a helping hand to the event.

She published a book about the challenge just 3 months after she ran the 366th marathon. I recently bought it and read it in just two days. Being an ex-runner I was so curious to find out, how she managed to have faith in her own project and accomplish her goal. Even though I knew the ending I was still fascinated by the book.

Yesterday I went to a lecture organized by the Danish MS Society. Maybe I should not have done it seen with practical eyes, as it was a little outside Copenhagen and knew I would be home late only having to get up early again this morning as work would be calling, but I am glad that I took the time to go anyway. 

She oozes with positive thinking and is  ready to find herself a new challenge - already having a long list of possible challenges that she might pursue. Her project inspired a lot of people to pursue their individual goals by participating in the marathons she hosted and it is awesome to read some of their words about the project in her book. Her project might be extreme, but the message is clear: follow your dream even though it might seem impossible. She also acknowledges that somethings might be in the way of reaching that goal besides your own will and ability so it is not all black/white. If you set a goal, divide that into sub-goals making it "closer" to you than the real goal that might seem very far away.

Some people turn to self-help books when they meet obstacles in their lives, but I believe that they should rather read a few books by people, that have done the impossible to get some positive energy and find out how they themselves could find/use their positive energy. 

Me I am just glad that I could read a book about an accomplishment like that :o)

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