Tuesday, September 4, 2012

July 2012 Tea Swap - Part 2

Hmmm.... a mild case of "better late than never" - the delay of posting this swap from Jayne is due to the accident, but she knows that I have received it. Fran called a "Hello, Summer" theme, and here is Jaynes's interpretation.

This vintage card screams summer, and my mind wanders to Victorian era, or perhaps the garden of Jane Austen :o) At the time that I received this card, I was actually re-reading a few of Jane Austens novels... so my mind started playing with names: Jane.... Jayne....

Jayne sent me some goodies along with the tea, and the stamp really created a smile. I always have a hard time creating a card for my dad (male cards are hard to make, as less ideas about themes etc), but since he has always had a passion for his garden, this is perfect. Ever since my parents got married he has always had a little piece of land (even while living in an appartmen in our capital city) so he could grow flowers to bring to my mum - maybe that is actually his secret behind their 51+ years of marriage.
Thanks for the swap, Jayne, and the creative inspiration it brought me :o)


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

So pretty...your tea swap. So lovely to get flowers (51 years!!)

Vicky said...

Love the card, really says "summer". Nice goody pack also!
Lovely story about your parents.