Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hello England

 Rule, Britannia - Brittania Rules the Waves

Well had some time at the Solent (Southern England) and a little time to play around with my camera. I will not share photos of the other crew members as there is an official website, that have lots of photos. I enjoy being behind the camera not in front of it. You might notice that we do smile on the photos there but just keep in mind that a lot of jokes were told in order to keep smiling.

The tower is Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth (shaped like a spinnaker sail) and offers a great view of the southern tip of England and the Solent. Being a sucker for tall buildings I had to go up on the observation deck and was thrilled to learn that we all got to go up there just before departure.


Birdie said...

Love these photos. Think my favorite is the pilings... Wow to the Spinnmaker Tower, can only imagine the views it offered.

Karen Oliver said...

Lovely photos, Nick is just getting into photography, wish he could go walkabouts with you, think he could learn a lot.