Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wandering Mind

Your mind wanders when you are at sea on a boat - you are close to nature and away from your daily routines. You might even glimpse a dolphin. Actually we saw a lot of dolphins on the trip - too fast for my camera to catch, but I happily settle with the memories of this magnificent animal in large numbers playing close to our boat.

I brought two books for the trip, but did not read a single page. Did not bring any crafting. No TV on board. WIFI was used when in ports to check the social media as the ship is getting a lot of publicity/coverage. Without the normal distractions, you seek more value in your thoughts (at least I did) - and honestly: I did not miss any of this, until I got a shore in my last port on the trip.


Birdie said...

How wonderful to be "one with nature" and your thoughts. Good for you!

Karen Oliver said...

Totally agree B how wonderful. Isn't it amazing also what we have but don't need.