Sunday, March 22, 2015

CPH Reads: Jane Austen


CPH Reads - a literature festival of 10 days filled with book events all-over Copenhagen earlier this month, and this year's theme was: love.

CPH Reads: Jane Austen-salon at Perch's Tearoom

I had invited an old friend to an event at a local tearoom that in co-operation with the bloggers at LoveBooks had arranged a lecture about the classic novel Emma by Jane Austen while drinking lovely tea and eating scones. She is a big Jane Austen fan and happily received the ticket as a pre-birthday present and had not heard of the event until I asked her to reserve some hours.

Lise Lotte Frederiksen shared her passion for Jane Austen in an openhearted and humorous way that made two hours fly away in was seemed merely a few minutes and captured the smiles of the audience, young to elderly. She was laughing a bit, as most think of the Jane Austen time of drinking afternoon tea, but her time was actually before the introduction afternoon tea, as the English were still regarding tea as medicine - but then again, she thought the venue were perfect for a Jane Austen talk.

I learned a lot from her lecture about details, that I would never have given a second thought, but were small "indicators" in Jane Austen's time about people's manners, wealth, education etc. so now on the lookout of an annotated edition of Emma so I can re-read the novel with attention to all the small details throughout the book. Never read Emma in Danish so purchased the newest translation at the event and have a hard time resisting just starting reading - but other books have priority at the moment.

Some photos from the event here: LoveBooks and Windblown Pages

CPH Reads: Embroidery Workshop: embroider your favorite Jane Austen quote

Could not resist that - have not done any embroidering in a couple of years and want to make some to use in connection with some yarn graffiti later this year. I am not fast at embroidery and we only had a couple of hours at the workshop, so did not finish mine at the event but that is OK as I got some great creative inspiration from the other ladies attending.

Maybe you have already noticed, but saw it fitting that the cover of Emma use in top of this post is an embroidered version - think that would make an awesome collector's item for Jane Austen fans if they were published with covers like that.

My chosen Jane Austen quote was:

The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid

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