Monday, March 23, 2015

Katie Fforde Binge Reading

Above is merely my collection of Katie Fforde books - actually all the titles she has published until now. One of my trips to London included a trip to Waterstones so I could buy the 9 titles that were missing on my book shelves - since then I have purchased the books when they were published but fell behind with the reading due to the sail trip last summer. My binge reading was therefore the 3 most recent published books.

The Perfect Match

Bella Castle wanted to start her life over hoping to forget Dominic Thane, a man she could not have and therefore broke her heart. She new stays with her godmother, Alice, who is more than happy for the company in her house. She has found work locally as a real estate agent and she is more than patient with indecisive possible buyers and engaged to her boss, Nevil, and everything seems picture perfect. Dominic suddenly turns up and Bella starts wondering if her heart really is with Nevil, or should she run again settling in a new place with yet another new beginning.

New beginnings - well sometimes I wonder about them. But I think those thoughts derives from the fact that I do not know if nor when the MS might put a limit to what I am able to do.

A Christmas Feast

A collection of stories - not all with a Christmassy theme but even though some of them being very short, one could eye the potential of a story.

My favourite was "From Scotland With Love": Daisy Allway wants to get an unfinished task done as her job as a PR girl for Athene Publishing is on the line so she travels from London to the author Rory McAllen's secret place in Scotland. A snowstorm strands her at Rory's house during the Christmas New Years break and with his reputation of being impossible to work with it seems to be a very long stay.
I would have love to have read this as a novel and not just a short story, as would have like to get to now the characters even better than we did

A Vintage Wedding

Rachel, Beth and Lindy are all single women in a Cotswold town, Chippingford, where everybody knows everybody. Beth has promised her sister to organize a cheap weeding, and the 3 ladies team up to arrange what they decide to call vintage wedding rather than a cheap wedding as they each can all contribute with some skills saving a lot of money. All three attracts the attention of men - everything may not be as it seems and others might be in for quite a surprise.

Enjoy the description of a small town having once lived in one myself. Also the possibility of turning a creative ability into something really useful wherein there might be a future way of earning a living.

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