Monday, March 2, 2015

Murder of a Needled Knitter

Skye Denison is going for her honeymoon with her husband Wally Boyd (police chief in Scumble River) - a cruise in the Caribbean..... without knowing it they are on the same cruise ship as her parents where her mother is participating on a knitting trip, U-knitted Nations.

Skye stumbles across the body of the murdered Guinevere and is once again involved in a murder investigation. Skye's mother, May, becomes a suspect as she have had an argument in front of the knitting group... but soon they discover that Guinevere is not the most loveable person henve having a large number of enemies - Who did it? They are racing against time as the scene of the crime is soon occupied by other activities (The show must go on) and thereby loosing a traces/evidence etc.

Did not know that it was the 17th book in a series - Scumble River Mystery - the title alone lured me to buying the book :) The author had some knitting trivia, that I simply had to look up, as that was unknown facts to me, but have now looked them up. For instance, I knew that Eleanor Roosevelt knitted a lot, but did not known that she was called The First Lady of Knitting as she had encouraged American to knit for the troops.

This could easily have been part of a yarn-murder-mystery as Denise Swanson have some good insights from a friend to the world of knitting - enjoyed it, so might just start reading the other books from the first one and onwards :o)

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