Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Boy Nobody Could Find

A wood (forest) - for some a scary place for others a sanctuary of piece. When I was seven we moved from our noisy capital city to the country side - just across the road from the main house was a forest - further down the road (not very far and same side of the road as our house) was another forest

Neither of them scared me. One was said to be haunted by the old King Valdemar Atterdag riding his horse in the night - when the wind was right in the old tree crowns it sounded like a riding horseman. The other one had excellent paths when I decided to go for a run.

In some ways they may not have changed much the past 25 years, maybe some bigger trees. But now I've read the Danish book "Drengen ingen kunne finde" (literal translation: The Boy Nobody Could Find) by Christian Moerk (Mørk) and now those woods will never be the same again.

His woods are i Vermont USA but some parts of the woods described feels like my woods making those in the book much more creepy. Gordon refuses to believe that his nephew, Martin, died in the fire that killed his sister-in-law and roams around the site of the fire to find something that the police might have overlooked. 

Five weeks after the fire Gordon finds Martin's backpack and show the contents to his brother Harold, who has committed himself to a mental hospital after the fire. The contents of the backpacks are drawings that Martin has made of a scary looking man that seems to be from the woods. They sense that the answer is to be found in the wood

Christian Moerk's description of the drawings and the wood sent chills through my spine - somehow I was reminded of the atmosphere from Stephen King's Haven and yet no direct resemblance between the two authors. It is not the author's first book, but I had never heard about him until a magazine's review lured me into reading this book - and now adding his previous books to my always growing to-read-list. 

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Going to see if I can get this one over here. I'm intrigued.